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recently my son has become sick with bronchiolitis (as well as teething) and has going off his food, all i can seem to feed him is custard. does that seem bad?

does anyone have any other food suggestions?

eliza: 2 boys, 1 girl

no i dont think it will hurt him.hold old is your son?u could also try yoghurt.the other day my ds would only eat puree veges as he is teething and his mouth woz sore.sometimes they go off food 4 a day or sure he will get back on track soon.
Jeb has just recently got over a really bad wog/flu and also went off his food. I'd be lucky to get 3-4 teaspoons of meat and veg into him but he would eat all the yoghurt he could have. As he started getting a little better he did start eating vegies (only pumpkin and broccoli but) but only small amounts, 2-3 cubes tops. Solids at this age aren't to bad to miss a little as long as they are still taking their bottle/boob and with being sick offer plenty of water/juice to keep bub hydrated....even this was hard to get into Jeb while he was sick but he is starting to make up for not eating now he's better.....can't get enough into!!!
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