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how much food should a 7 1/2 month old eat Lock Rss


My son is 7 1/2 months and weighs 8.9kgs. I am not sure how much should he be eating. he has 3 meals ranging from 80mls to 150mls and 4 bottle and drinks around 150mls.

I put him down at 7.30pm and will get up at 1pm and i feed him but is is a battle to get him down.

Do u think it is due to me not feeding him enough.

He gets up at least twice a night.

BlagaVIC - jamie - amy

Hi There,

My son is the same age this is a normal day for us

7:30am - Bottle 150mls

9:30am - x2 wheetbix

11-11:30am - Bottle 150mls then bed

2pm - Lunch either custard or some fruit

4pm - a nap normally about 45min..

5-5:30pm - dinner - meat, veges, pasta..

7 -7:30pm - Dessert, either custard or fruit

8:30pm - Bottle 150mls then bed..

Then he is down for the night.. If he wakes I just keep putting the dummy in as I used to feed him through the night but I know he can go without it so I just presist with the dummy and it has worked.. Finally!! Now he hardly wakes at all!!

Hope this helps


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