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7 Month Old has suddenly stopped wanting his bottle. Help! Lock Rss

Hi, my 7 month old usually has 4 bottles each day along with solids and is a very efficient drinker and good eater. He has suddenly refused to take his bottle (and dummy) and we are having trouble trying to get him to maintain his liquid intake, we are currently giving him runny custard, trying to drink out of a cup, feeding him with a syringe, anything to get the milk into him.

Sleeping was an issue to start with as he didn't want the dummy, however he is now going down quite easily without dummy and actually sleeping through the night.

I have taken Ben to the Dr. to check for an ear infection and he is all clear. He is still eating his solids however won't take the bottle.

We are up to day 3 with no bottles and would appreciate any feedback.

Mother of 3

Hi Kim,

Could it be that your little one is teething? They sometimes start to teeth and not want anything with the bottle as it is harder on little tender gums to suck rather than eating out of the spoon.

Perhaps you could try spoon feeding him liquids using one of those chinese spoons that they use for soups in the chinese restaurants. Put the liquid in the usual end of the spoon and then reverse it so the end of the handle goes into his mouth. The good thing about the chinese spoon is that the handle is long and you can put it in his mouth and you can put it back in his mouth enough so that he has to swallow the liquid, but not to gag him.

You could try squashing an icecube in to icechips and wraping it is a flannel or some clean thin material for your little one to suck on. If he is teething then the coolness will help the sore gums and he will suck on the icecube pack getting some fluid at least.

Good luck and hope this helps. If you are still concerned with the fluid intake, go back to Dr, get a second opinion or go the children ER department.
hmmmm. a bub in my baby group refused milk one day for no reason ,he ended up having some viral infection,so for the past week he has been on water with these sachet things,but i doubt this is the problem,do you always offer bottle before food,bubs might be filling up too much on food first,mabey not give food so his really really hungry at bot time??
or mabey buy a different bottle and teat and see how he goes
best of luck

Lillie....1 year old!!!

dear kim,
i'm probably a bit late in replying to you and i hope you have resolved the problem. my first bub suddenly refused the bottle and screamed at 6 months. after much drama we discovered he would drink out of a cup. it wasn't until much later that we discovered that we were still using slow teats! i had no idea that he needed to graduate to fast flow teats. by then, we were all happy with the cup arrangement.
if that isn't your problem, just make sure you are giving him lots of 'wet' vegies, fruit, jelly, custard and yoghurt are all considered fluids.
i know that they are supposed to drop a bottle at this time, but my 8 month old has dramatically reduced his intake of milk in every bottle. he has 6 teeth, so i can't blame that. he has not had his bed time bottle for the last 4 nights. that's pretty odd isn't it? why do they test us like this?

claire,VIC, 2yr old & 6 mth old

hi kim.wot if u got a sports drink bottle pop top or woteva and squirt the water into his mouth.this is the only way we could ds to take water.
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