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cant drop the dream feed Lock Rss

bub sleeps from 7 till 7 wheich is so fantastic but i still give her the dream feed between 10-11 depending on how worn out i am.the other night i decided not to give it to her and see how she went.well she slept straight through the feed until 1am when she woke.
i resettled her with her evil friend mr. dum dums and she went back to sleep only to wake again at 3,and 5 am..
arghhhh guess who was really tired???
i asked a lady in my mothers group and she said to just put up with it for a few nights and she'd soon not wake but i am so totally exshausted that i am giving her the dream feed again?
any suggestions???

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Try decreasing the amount you give her over a few weeks until you are only giving 50mls or less. She will soon realise that it isn't worth waking for soon and keep sleeping.
However if your little one is only 5months she may still need it. Most babies drop it around 6-7months. Have you tried increasing her bottles during the day?

2 Perfect Girls Catherine7/8/05 & Mirelle17/10/07

Nina stopped the dreamfeed at about 7 months. Maybe your Bub still wants it???
hi mimmy
im reading tizzie hall at the moment and following her routine for a baby on solids (my bub is only on 2 solid feeds a day) until 8 1/2 mths.
This is what she says about dropping the dream feed:
"once your baby has been on solids for 8 wks and is sleeping through every night, its time to drop the dream feed. the first thing you should do is bring the DF forward half an hour for 5 nights, if you baby continues to sleep through all night then bring the DF forward another half an hour for 5 nights. If this still has no affect then if your baby if BF reduce the amount each night by 20mls and for BF babies reduce the BF by 2 minutes each night. When you are at 30mls or 2mins dont do the DF again. If at any point your baby wakes earlier in the morning go back to feeding the amount of milk that you were giving at the time before the wake happened. then try to reduce or move it again 5 days later"
i hope this may help

Kylie NSW, Kade 17 months

My daughter has always had the dream feed and is now eating breekie, lunch and tea. If they need it, they need it.
She will eventually stop needing it...........I hope......
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