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Foods that freeze well Lock Rss


We have started solids a couple of weeks ago and done the pear, apple, potatoe, sweet potatoe and pumpkin and yoghurt.

Was wanting to know from your experiences what foods can be cooked and freeze well.

I am returning back to work part time soon and would like to be organised for those busy or tiresome days with some foods that can be frozen so that bubs can still have a healthy home cooked meal. I am trying not to give her tinned food as long as I can.

Out of all I listed I know potatoe didnt work to well but was wondering if you guys can rattle off what does so I can get cooking before I go back.

Thanks in advance

I freeze everything. I make all of Nina's meals and I freeze them all. I freeze zuchini, carrots, squash, spinach fish dishes, meat dishes.

I haven't come across any veg that don't freeze well. Mind you I usually cook all of the above vegies into 1 dish...never by themselves(picky eater).

I have frozen cheese in meals...everything!
Here's a storage tip, I bought one of those muffintrays that are floppy the ones that look like they would melt in the oven but don't. Anyway, I make Nina's food, spoon it into the muffin tray and freeze. Once Frozen I put it in a snaplock bag. When bub starts eating bigger portions you take out a couple of blocks instead of one...
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