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Solids and indigestion?? Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

Brayden spent much of the time from 6 months till he was 9 months+ old gagging on anything that wasn't pureed... but all of a sudden, he started to chew and NOT gag. It has been about a month since this phenomenon occurred and we have been ecstatic!!! He can now eat chunky food and pretty much eat what we eat!!

I was very happy about this... until I mentioned it to my mum and she said... oh, make sure he chews his meat, rice etc properly so he doesn't get indigestion! OHHHH... I never thought of that... so now I am worried that he isn't chewing properly... he only has two bottom and two top from what I can see... but is quite happy with bits of meat, rice, vege and banana amongst other things. I keep telling myself that he isn't upset after a meal...

Anyway, anyone help me feel better??

Bye for now.


well i agree with u if he isnt upset then his ok i think if he had indigestion he would tell u about it. I'd just keep an eye on him like u are and see how he goes, my daughter only has two bottom teeth and i gave her some homemade chicken noodle soup last night and there were whole peas in the and she chewed them fine(i ony gave her one at a time) but i wouldnt worry if u ask me i think ur doing the right thing

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