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Hi, i'd like to know, what sort of finger food can i give my, almost 7 month old girls. One of them has her 2 bottom teeth, and the other is getting them!
Can i give them bread, or toast yet, or are they too young still? And any other ideas would be fantastic!

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Hi Melinda, I would also like to know. Jed is 6mths with 2 bottom teeth and i have been tempted to give him some toast but haven't. Looking forward to seeing the replies.

My daughter in 7 and a half months and she loves the following finger foods:
Big piece of banana, toast, spead with avacado then cut into fingers,cheese stick, rice cakes,Rusks,large peice of soft friut, eg, pear, plum,nectarine. She just sucks it and chew little peices off. I watch her to make sure she doesnt have any thing chokable in her mouth.
Good Luck

Toast is a great one - really helps them learn to bite and chew. The other mums have great suggestions. All I would add is give a bit of chook breast if you happen to be cooking it. Its great finger food, they can suck on it, bite and chew. Any roast meat is good really, we just happen to eat a bit of chook - lol. Best of luck, its really fun the whole finger food thing.

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Hi I give my daughter bread with honey and also toast as well and some rice biscuits and fruit like watermalon, rockmalon, kiwi fruit and some yoghurt and if you arent to sure just check with your GP.

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Hi, I liked experimenting with finger foods for my twins the most and it's great for their hand-eye coordination too!

Some of the things my kids liked (they're now 3) for finger foods were:

* Arrowroot biscuits, cruskits original flavour they go soggy when they suck them and easy to hold
* Steamed vegie sticks with tahini or natural yoghurt for dipping
* Watermelon - small slices but leave the skin/rind on
* homemade rusks made out of toast fingers spread with vegemite/cheese and oven baked till quite hard.
* puff pastry spread with vegemite, tom sauce, cheese, cut into strips that are twisted, then baked.
* Grated cheese, grated carrot, grated beetroot

Hope this helps!

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