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hi my name is helen.i have a 15 week old baby boy.
i have started him on solids but want to know when to introduce a second feed.
Hi Helen,

Just wondering why you have introduced solids at this age? What signs did he show? I'm still waiting to see them with my 6 month old,
Hi Feebi,
I started my son on solids quite early, some of the signs that i saw were he would drink a full bottle but still be wanting more, he would wake up for a bottle 3 hourly when he would normally go 4 hourly and he would not sleep as long as normal during the night, it took me a couple of weeks of this to decide that it was time to start him on solids, just started on a little farex in the morning & he loved it, he is now 6 months old & has at least 2 'meals' as well as his bottles.
I was given some information that you should start your baby on solids between 4 & 6 months, as close to 6 months as possible but not too long after 6 months. Hope this helps gasp)

Mother of Reece - 24/01/03

hi helen
what exactly are you feeding bub?
i started off around that age rice cereal for a week then on steam apple/pear then blend. after a week or so some vegies but you must introduce them 1 at a time in case of allergies.
i started with potato and sweet potato then every 3 days i add another vegie and so on.
the signs that i know off are i.e
they do chewing motions,shows great interest when ur eating.
hope i gave you an idea.
also go to the baby centre they have sheets with what baby should eat and when and how much.
best of luck

mary.NSW 11 month baby

Hi I am a new user and I am just wanting info on, when to satrt finger foods my son is 6 months old and has been on solids for 2 months now. I am concerned re choking etc.
Hi my name is Di and I have a 17 week old boy. he is not interested in any food at all only his formula. But I have a freind that her baby boy is a week younger than mine and has been on solids since he was 12 weeks and has now meals three times a day I think you'll know whether or not he is ready for meals or not by just trying him say may be in the morning then in the evening. Some baby's need solids and some are just quite happy with there milk longer than others. You do fine and work out what's suitable for you both.
Hi elen,
My name is joanne and i started my son on solids at 4months and he is now 5 months close to 6 months and well just last week i started him on a second feed i think i thought i would just try a second feed the only way i think you will know if he or she seems to eat all of the meal and have bottles or breast and e or she still seems hungry.

joanne vic 4mth baby

Hi feebi,
My name is joanne well some signs are that milk isnt enough for your 6 month old and he or she is waking during the night also he or she can hold their head up and also whether he or she has stopped te reflux tongue action.

joanne vic 4mth baby

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