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Constipated Baby Lock Rss

My son is 5 1/2 months and I started him on rice cereal last week. He seems to get very constipated now. His diet consists of wakeup breastfeed, morning formula, lunch rice cereal & formula, dinner formula, 11.30pm breastfeed. Has anyone else experienced this? and if so what did you do to remedt the constipation?


hi westiegirl
I too had the same problem with the rice cereal.
add some fruit like steamed apple or pear,or if he wont eat it mixed with the cereal (cos mine didnt like it)
give her the fruit seperate.
if you're considering starting him on vegies that will help him alot.
i started off with potato,sweet potato and brocoli.
the more greens you add the less constipated he will be.
bye and hope it works for you.

mary.NSW 11 month baby

Hi Mary. Thankyou very much for your feedback, I will introduce the fruit and veges.


you're very welcome

mary.NSW 11 month baby

My daughter is now 9 months old and she too has been constipated on two occasions. I have been told that prune juice (in little jars in the baby section of the supermarket) is good. Hannah did not take to it very well I have to say so I added it into the rice cereal.
I also made a mixture of dried prunes/apricots/peaches (about 50g each), two pears and one apple. Dice dried fruit, slice pears and apple. Just cover with water and boil until the fruit is soft. Let cool. Puree. Can eat either by itself or mix with natural yoghurt. I froze the mixture in ice cube trays then took out as many as I needed. The consistency of the nappy changes considerably. I do not eat prunes, however I have to say that the mixture tastes quite nice. Hope this helps.

Karen, SA, 9mth baby

I also tried brown sugar mixed with water,it works every time.Mix 40 ml boiled water with a quarter teaspoon of brown sugar,if it is not enough you can increase the amount of sugar to half a teaspoon.good luck


Thankyou Karen and Andi , I will give your methods a try.


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