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My bub was sleeping through from 8-13 weeks, got a cold and hasnt slept through since. 5 1/2 mnths now. breastfeeding.

I was told to give her rice cereal to fill her up which would make her sleep through. (4-5mnths) had no impact at all. I stopped feeding her rice cereal, she is a big baby and feel she doesnt need solids yet.

I will try solids again at 6mnths. Is there any harm starting and continuing solids at 6mnths or later? I read in another site someone started their baby on solids at 12mnths - sounds way late but what do I know.

My friend started her boy on solids at 12 weeks of age? was this tooo young?

I am very confused, can you help.

nance 1st mum 30/01/03

My 10 mth old has been on solids since she was 3mths. She suffered bad reflux and was also on a formula with thickener in it to assist with the problem. I couldn't fully breastfeed because I didn't have enough milk and she was a slow starter when it came to gaining weight.
She started off on rice cereal, didn't like the plain stuff so I got the pear and banana variety. She loved that! At 4mths, she had started on the tin fruits and gels and if I couldn't find the flavoured rice cereal, I'd buy the plain and add some pureed fruit to give it flavour.
I also have a 4yr old daughter who was the same. She too had reflux and because she was a larger baby, she needed the extra food or she would be very unsettled.
So, both my girls were on solids from and early age but they are both healthy and my baby is gaining weight well now.
It is really up to you to decide when to start solids, but there is no harm in starting them from an early age if they need it or want it. The best indication, I think, as to them being ready for solids, is when they start watching you with interest when you are eating. They give you a kind of pleading look as if to say "Can I have some of that?".
Hope this helps.
Thank you so much for your tips. Bub is watching everything I put in my mouth with those pleading eyes, so I thinks your right! she wants some tooo. So I shall begin the wonderful world of food for her. thank you again

nance 1st mum 30/01/03

Hi nance. My baby started sleeping thorugh consistently from 10 weeks of age. She is now 19 weeks. Recently she has been waking for a night feed so I began feeding her rice cereal in the mornings and this has done the trick. She still wakes about 3am sometimes but I find rewrapping her and letting her works. She falls asleep within 10 minutes. good luck with what you decide to do!
Hi Nance,
My bub started sleeping through at 7 weeks and sometimes would wake up at about 4 or 5am, but if I put him in bed with me we got another couple of hours. Perhaps she just wants comfort or is cold or has a bit of wind and that extra patting on the bum helps her. My little boy still does this off and on and it is still hard to tell whether he is just cold or has a bit of wind, etc. but it works every time and we all get that extra sleep.

It might work for you too. You'll soon know if it's real hunger and then you can give her a feed. It might just be the cold as it does tend to get colder in the early hours just before dawn. I don't know if this helps or not.

Good luck.
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