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Teething? Lock Rss

My bub is 5 1/2 months old and is wholly breastfeeding. She is dribbling heaps, chews everything in hand and lately when put down for her night sleep, she scream cries. I comfort her and she falls into a deep sleep again.

Is she dreaming? or is this toooo a sign of teething? An old dear informed me that her teeth are moving which would cause her pain. Is this true? or is it another falasy.

Today I brought some bonjela and put on her bottom gums and tonight she hasnt screamed.

Is this coincidental? Can someone please help me.

nance 1st mum 30/01/03

I have a 6 month old and his teeth (bottom) came through at 5 months, we didn't realise until they had broken through.

Has she got other signs like rosey red cheaks - similar to going out on a cold day and then walking into a nice heated place, red bum - then I would suggest she is.

The bonjela won't hurt as long as you don't use it all the time. Try and have a feel around her mouth and see if the gums feel a little swollen.

I think its true about the old dear - I have also heard this and it kinda makes logical sence.

Good luck. We are now on the top teeth, sleepless nights have started!

Andrea, mum x2

Thanks Wacko for confirming the teething issue.

Will try not to use gel toooo much. Felt around her gums and honestly I cant tell if gums are swollen or not.

Sharni's cheeks are very rosy today, runny nose, no red bum though. will keep an eye on it.

Hope yours nights arent too bad. Let the roller-coaster begin. Good Luck Too!

nance 1st mum 30/01/03

hi nance
yes it is true about teeth moving and very painful.
when my daughter stared teething around 6 1/2 months the first tooth that appeared was the eye tooth (side teeth) then it came thru and the pain stopped,then after a week her 2 bottom teeth came thru. after that the eye tooth just went back up.
well now she's teething again same process all over again now its the other eye tooth thats come out and im waiting to see hopefully the other 2 upper teeth. As you can see my girl has to go through the pain twice as much.
I agree with the girls as to red rosy cheeks and a red bottom,you may also notice very runny stools just a day before the tooth comes too.
bonjela and panadol and a teething ring which you can put in the fridge and give it to baby when its cold.
good luck

mary.NSW 11 month baby

Gee Mary,

Ive heard teething is bad enough without them appearing then dissapearing. Your poor bub! Double wammo with pain! 1st time i hear this one and I would say that will be us too! Hang in there I guess; what else can we do.

Thank you so much for your advice, gel, ring etc, glad to know I was or am on the right track with teething. Will keep the Panodol handy thanks again.

nance 1st mum 30/01/03

ur welcome nance

mary.NSW 11 month baby

Hi Nance
I am a big fan of bonjela. Hannah who is 9 months old also woke during the night and bonjela on both the bottom and top gums worked well.
Hannah was breast fed until seven months. She was waking during the night also and it was also due to me not producing enough milk. It was sad but it was the best for her. Now she sleeps 12 hours and is very content. That may not be the case for you but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Karen, SA, 9mth baby

Hi Little Chicken.

Glad to hear Hannah is content and sleeping a brilliant 12 hours...wahhhoooo. Bonjela definately works a treat doesnt it. So thank you for your tip. My milk supply seems to be ok for now I think? But will definately keep your advice in mind. Starting solids this week, so Sharni will be surprised. Thanks

nance 1st mum 30/01/03

hi my son now almost 1 was teething from 2 1/2 months and i used bonjela on him as well it helped for awhile but i found that wen he was around 5 months it just didnt help as much so i found a gell called sm33 its stronger and is only ment for babies over 6 months and only available from the chemist behind the counter but ths has helped my son thru all of his 7 teeth that hav come out and im sure that it will help with all of the rest. he also used to wake up and scream cry while he was teething i also found that baby panadol or if ur baby is old enuf then infant nurofen drops wen realy needed helped alot as well. i hope this helps u thru the longs nights ahead, goodluck.

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