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Food Ideas for a 6mth old??? Lock Rss


I am wanting ideas of what to give my 6mth old to eat. We have vegetables, fruit and yoghurt but what else??? When can I give bread, pasta, rice???

Lisa,NSW,6mth baby

Hi Sam's Mum. My name is sue. My daughter jessica is 9 months old. I've have started giving her toast cut into finger size. she loves it and milk arrowroot buscuits. She won't eat veggies. but i mix the veggies in with custards. she likes it that the main thing. She isn't crawling yet, she has 2 teeth at the bottom. top one coming soon.
hope to hear from you soon. Where do you live. I live in jamisontown nsw australia.

[email protected] plainland qld

Hi Sue,

I live in Newcastle. Is Jamison in Penrith?? My sister used to live in Penrith. Yesterday I went to the baby health clinic and they told me that I could give Sam pretty much anything - Variety was the key. So this morning I gave him banana on toast and he was really excited. Most of it went on the floor but he enjoyed it. Last night I gave him fish and he wasn't impressed??? I also tried brocolli and he spat it back out at me. My husband said 'so would I"! I mix potato, pumkin and sweet potato together and he loves that. Sam doesn't have any teeth but he loves chewing on my fingers so they must be coming.


Lisa,NSW,6mth baby

Hi there sam's mum.

I am new and this is my first post!

My son is nearly 8 months old and I too am after ideas to interest him with feeding. He currently sits in his high chair, quite happily and unless I am feeding him a 'meal' he has things like cruskits, toast, bread, rusks, sao's, milk a/roots, loves jatz, large pasta

For his meals he either gets the vege's I cook for him mixed with tinned/jar foods or meaty meals I have cooked and pureed.

Other things could be fruit and veges cut into thick fingers and cooked until softish for finger foods. They also love chewing on smooth bones that you are finished with, sounds yuk! I know gasp)

I have a daughter who is nearly 3 and she was shocking to feed whereas my son is a little piggy, so whatever suggestions I can find would be good too as I am sure he will eat it!

Anyway...Good Luck

Mum to Jordyn & Brayden

my baby is almost 7 months old and eats everything we eat (with less chilli). I just cut up whatever we are having for dinner into small pieces and feed it to her. Makes it much more convenient than cooking up special baby meals all the time!

Hi Stacye and everyone,

Thankyou for the ideas. Milk arrowroot sound good. I am getting a little more relaxed about what to give him. I know the things I shouldn't so I am just staying away from that. Thankyou again.


Lisa,NSW,6mth baby

Hi Erika,

I have often thought of just chopping up our meals for Samuel. I am a little nervous about it. It sounds like a good idea though. I will give it a try when I have something simple. Thanks


Lisa,NSW,6mth baby

We started solids at 6 months for my daughter using organic vegetables and meat.
Cooked on the stove, then pureed then put into ice cube trays, and stored in containers for selection at meal time.
Potatoes, carrots, mushroom, squash, pumpkin, spinach, chicken, beef, lamb, beans, watermelon, rockmelon, apple, pear, corn -tinned with No sugar, dried peas cooked till mushy, pasta, celery, onion, fish, zucchini the list goies on.
We selected 4 blocks to start with. Now she is 10 month old she eats 6 blocks (lunch/dinner)
fruit for breakfast if very liquidy with thicken slightly with farex.
She loves her food, and the selection is endless and keeps growing.
I hope this helps a little, might be a little more time consuming but its worth knowing what your baby is eatting in the long run.

DESTINY, WA, 18/9/02

hello again girls
hope everyone had a nice weekend
I really enjoy reading what other mums give their babies to eat.
Jo the arrowroot biscuits since our babies are the same age nearly, does he eat it whole? i"m just a little scared of choking.
I also give my daughter mash or baked potato with butter and sour cream with peas.I was giving her toast until she nearly choked and left it for a few days.
she loves table food more than her food but i was told at the centre that she can eat what ever she likes now but she must still eat beef 5 days a week.
i also tried the yolk of the egg with small pieces of toast in it,she loved it. even lasagne very well mashed up but i still use the blender for her baby food just to break up the bits a little tho.
love to hear from you jo and swap food ideas.
I live in sydney,so if you like I'll give you my email
[email protected]

bye all

mary.NSW 11 month baby

what do you give child at 6 mouth My email me with what your give your child my email [email protected] I would have to talk to you to johanne

[email protected] plainland qld

I would recommend investing in a book called superfoods for babies. It gives different alternatives and things you would never guess.

Andrea, mum x2

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