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Bottle or Solids first?????? Lock Rss

My son is 4 and a half months old and I am just introducing solids. I have been given sooooo much conflicting advice it is just not funny.
Do I give the bottle before the solids or is it the other way around?
It would be good to see what everyone else thinks?

Rileys Mum - 11 months

In the morning i give her bottle first as she very hungry and wants her bottle first. At night i give her solids then an hour later her bath then her final bottle.
They say to give a bottle first until around 9 months when you can give solids first.
Hope that helps.

2 Perfect Girls Catherine7/8/05 & Mirelle17/10/07

my daughter is 4 months. When giving her solids I always give her approx 1/2 a bottle first then the food then offer the rest of the bottle. This is because at this age their main source of nourishment is still formula/breast. When they get older and are eating more then it doesn't really matter.
I was told by my mum that you always offer a baby under 7 months old the bottle first and then wait about 1/2 hour - 1 hour and offer solids. When they reach 7 months, you should swap it around. My son is 8 months old and this seems to work, although he is a little fussy with his day feeds at the moment.

Hope this helps!
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