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what kind of fish? Lock Rss

i was just wondering what kind of fish do you feed your babies? and do you just boil in or cook it in the oven?

and was also wondering how often you give you babies beef or lamb? can you give it to them too much?

Sarah and Kai almost 1year 6 teeth and walking

I cook salmon with broccoli and pasta which my baby loves - I usually steam it. She also likes white fish - I just ask the fishman the one recommended for pregnant mums ie the ones that are not deepsea. I usually do white fish with rice and veg like kedgegree. She has also tried sardines mashed on toast which she loves.

I give her Beef and lamb - I try to get all of the food groups and take it in turns with approx 2 white meat, 1 fish, 1 red meat, 1 egg dish in turns with pasta, rice, potatoes, chick pea, lentil, bread alternating and veg & fruit at every meal. I give snacks of yoghurt and cheese in between meals and porridge with milk in the morning.

My baby loves pasta with basil and tomato the most.

I dont have a micro so I usually make food as I go and also freeze ice cubes which I defrost in advance and heat.

Hope this helps

Vivienne, Mooloolaba

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