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can anyone help? My 8 month old is breast fed and we fight each other to get her to feed during the day. i have tried going into quiet room etc (she is extreemly active) put music on and dim the lights, is she ready for weaning. And if so how, because she will only have a maximum of 50mls of diluted formula in a sippy cup at the time of a feed if she has any of it at all and still does not seem 100% satisfied or do i give her snack foods inbetween solids. she loves water though. How much milk should i keep giving her, if she is on 3 solids a day. do i wait until she is thirsty and sucking on my leg (when she crawls to find me)or what? please help me this breast feeding thing is killing me!!!

mum2 Tayla 13/04/05 and Riley 28/09/07

I dont breast feed or even have an baby that old, but in my opinion, just feed her her solids, give her snacks inbetween and get her to drink water and as much formula as possible. Maybe just forget the breastfeeding as she doesn't seem interested. Ive heard that some babies are just more interested in food rather then milk/formula so wean themselves as early as 5 months!!


My son is 7 months old and breatfeed. I was told by the CHN that the milk is still just as important as their solids. ( not sure if she was only talking about 7 month olds though, alot can change in 1 month) I was told to still offer him feeds after his solids. Maybe she does not want to stay still long enough because she is too worried about missing out on something. My son only sits still because i wear a neck lace that he plays with and it keeps in intrested for the feed. Maybe try a toy or something aroung your neck that is long enough for her too see and grab but too short for them to want it in their mouth. tuck one arm under your arm so she can't grab with both hands. it worked with Ryan. Let us know how you go and Good luck!

mum to ryan 10-05-05

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