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No dairy and wheat Lock Rss

Hi my daughter has had very bad runny nappies for about 5 weeks and our doctor told me to cut out all dairy and wheat from my her diet and to give her soy milk instead to see if this helps. So I need some ideas on what to feed her for meals as well as snacks. Thanks

is the doc going to do any stool tests for tummy bugs??? I'd be wanting that done quick smart before trying food things. That makes it very hard when a 12mth old has to change the diet. Although you could feed meat & vegies for lunch & tea, and maybe wheat free bread (freezer section in woolies/coles) for breaky (toasted of course!!!)
Snacks could be fruit tubs, or things like that... if she'll eat that sort of thing... my daughter wouldn't survive if she was cut from dairy! loves that yoghurt! oh just thought of poached eggs for brekky. my daughter has that most mornings - & eggs are binding too - but if there's a bug there, nothing is going to stop the runny stuff. sorry I couldn't be much more help.
let us know how you go.
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