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Nervous about finger food Lock Rss

Hi - I know I keep asking for help on this topic (sorry). I have given DD pieces of chicken which she sucks on and enjoys. I'm going to try a piece of fresh ham from the bone in the next day or so. I tried cooked carrot but it broke into large bits in her mouth so quickly. I freaked out of course - is that normal? I am so nervous about trying any other finger food yet want to try it as I know she will enjoy it.

Any hints?

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Not sure if this helps - as I'm yet to try it. At the 6 month visit our MCHN told us how to introduce solid solids smile basically she said that gradually blend the food less and less- so it's soft but lumpy. Then mash/blend less and less.
At the same time you can introduce fingerfoods - she said rusks are a great start - so they get used to something solid that won't just break up into chunks. They can suck or chomp on it and get used to it. Then a great next food is cruskits cut into sticks - they are like prawn crackers in that they just dissolve in the mouth. Then when they are used to chewing and swallowing, introduce bits of very soft cooked vegies and meat - fish is good if she likes it (obviously be careful of bones!). Then you are well on the way.

I'm going to start in the next couple of weeks.

All the best. smile

Hi. I have a 5 month old little boy (well tomorrow he will be). I have given him a hot chip to eat on 2 occassions which he had no problems with and i have also fed him Prawn chips on one occassion which he also loved. He wants real food rather then formula and sometimes he doesnt really want his purees especially if he sees us eating proper food!! Hence why I have given him finger food 3 times now!! He does eat his purees though eventually!! He just wants real food too sad lol!!


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