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she will eat baby rice really well but we tried potatoe & she just dry reached & then vomited it back up, does someone have any ideas or have you had the same problems my daughter is 6 mths old.

shannon, Tas mum of Zahlee&Kallen

Someone recommended to me when I had my first daughter to make the veg a little tastier. What worked for me with potato or pumpkin was adding a little garlic or parmesan cheese. Another good one was mixing in a little plain yoghurt or ricotta cheese. I later read this in Robin Barker's book "Baby & Toddler Meals" which is great.
My son didn't like white potatoes. He refused to have this and was causitious of having food later on. He loves pumpkin, sweet potatoes and broccoli. We tried giving him carrot, loved it but was constipated from it. I read on the internet that Carrots is one of hardest foods to digest. It must be well cooked. We stopped giving him carrot. He loves other types as well. Just need to try different foods that your bub likes.


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