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She RARELY eats & gags at texture. Lock Rss

Hi all,

My 7 month refuses her solids (mush) more often than she eats it and if there is even the slightest bit of a lump in it she gags. I found a baby yoghurt that worked for a while but now she won't even eat that. Then all of a sudden (last night) she eats 4-5 ice cubes of mashed vegies and for breakfast total refusal. I am worried that she may not be getting enough iron & stuff. Her sleep is also really bad but that is another story that I will post in the sleep section.

How do I get her to eat and was wondering if the trouble with solids could also be part of the problem with her sleep??

My 6 and a half month old will only eat Farex. I try to sneek other foods in but she clams up. I dont know what to do either. I guess we just have to keep trying???
Hi Sue,

I just tried the banana muesli for 6 months plus and it's texture is the same as farex. Sophie ate some of it!! Maybe due to it being a new taste but not texture. Who cares if it's for brekky and she had it for lunch, at least she ate!!!! But we'll see what happens tomorrow.

I might try another box flavour too! She'll eat 'real' food when she is ready I am sure!


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