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I don't know why but whether it is cereal, yoghurt, custard, fruit...etc. my 6 1/2 month old baby boy wont eat solids for breakfast. He screams and cries and has tears pouring down his face yet it the afternoon he will eat anything from a spoon. He has had solids since 4 months old and I am lost as to what to give him. He is supposed to be having 2 solid feeds a day. HELP!!!!!!!!!

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Y don't you try and put crushed up weet bix in a cup of milk or bottle, (the only problem there is that the weetbix clog the hole in the teat up, but prick it with a pin to make a bigger) that way he doesn't realize that he is drinking weetbix, as there would be more milk than weetbix.

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I feel with you my girl was like that too
what i did is i first gave here the bottle (but only 1/4 of it ) then some toast for here to play and i would spoon what ever else i wanted to feed here like wettbix or baby cereal (made up with here formula milk) sometimes it also helps if you put some stewed fruit in it just to change the taste. and once he is eating aigen nicly start cutting down on the milk before and give it to him after



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My DD did this too until at 9mths I started to give her solids before the milk in the morning and instantly she ate a full meal. She now has b/f half hour later and has gained the most weight in the last month than she has since she was 1 week old!
Have u tried giving him his two solids at lunch and dinner and leaving breakkie for a while? I made breakfast the last meal I introduced and she has always loved lunch and dinner. I also found that the type of food was important as she hated fruit and just wouldn't eat it at any time of the day but when I offered vegies, there was no prob at all. Maybe your DS doesn't love sweet things much either? (my DD also hated weetbix and other things bubs are supposed to love). One other thing that worked for a while was giving her frozen bagel chunks to chew on as a decoy while I shovelled food into her mouth and she absently ate it.

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It is the same with my nearly 9 month old. I think because my breasts are so full in the mornings she gets completely full of milk and doesn't need breakfast. She eats lunch and dinner though because by that time my supply has dropped right off and she needs the solids to fill her up. Soon I will be offering breakfast before a breastfeed as she is getting older now.

If you are breast feeding and want your son to eat breakfast you could try offering one breast then solids then the other breast. If you are bottle feeding you could offer 1/4-1/2 bottle then solids then the remainder of the bottle.


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