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My baby drinks less and less milk Lock Rss

Hi all.... please help me, I'm so worried about my bub milk's intake. She is 4 months old now, and it's just getting harder and harder for me to give her formula. She have had formula since she was 5 days and I just use the same formula until now.
She only drinks about 600mls a day, about 5 times a day, and I have to wake her up before I go to sleep just to add another bit of milk.
She will cry and scream whenever I give her milk, and seldom cries for hungry anymore although I've been waiting until more than 4 hours.
She doesn't seem letargic and still seems happy all day.
If I follow her "sign" she will only take about 500mls a day. Do I have to worry?? Or that just normal for the baby??? me....

Very worried mum


You poor thing. I can understand your problem. My daughter is now 8 months old however, she was exactly the same with milk from a younger age than your bub. I spent my days worrying about her hydration and nutrition and trying to get more milk into her. She too was on 5 feeds of formula at 4 months and I feed her every 4 hours and still she didnt cry for milk! they are the same type of bub for sure! she would only take around 600ml at a push! I decided to start my girl on solids at this stage because a lovely midwife told me that babies who are not big milk drinkers usually love solids and this was another way of getting her to take more milk by adding it to her food. It worked and we have never looked back, by 5 months she was taking 3 meals and 2 deserts a day and enjoying whatever I offered. (apart from when she was teething and then she went cold turkey on everything!) I used to give a lot of rice cereal, custards for sweet and cheese sauces because you can mix a lot of milk with them. Now I just give a balanced diet and she has 180mls of formula in the morning and 180mls in the afternoon (this is a new thing it used to be 120 so dont know what happened there!) and she takes hardly anything before bed probably between 60-120mls if Im lucky. She drinks water throughout the day from her beaker and has about 150-250 a day. She just takes whatever she wants to in fluid and I only encourage, at the end of the day you cant force her and worrying will only stress you both out. i would give her what she wants and maybe a little food if your up for it! Good luck.

Susannah NSW

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