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Help!!! How do I teach my 6 1/2 month old to drink from a cup Lock Rss

Hi all,

I am getting really frustrated trying to teach my 6 1/2 month old to drink from a cup. I have tried nearly everything. He doesn't like juice or water from a bottle, as he only associates his bottle with milk, so that doesn't work. I have bought one of those spill proof training cups but he thinks it's a toy because he looks at the picture on it and smiles. That's really cute, but that's not working.

Any ideas?


Mum to toddler

hi there!
i know what you mean!! i have a 6 1/2month old as well and am trying to do the exact same thing!! i have kind of succeeded by removing the bottle completley!! my girl is still breastfeed so the only time she uses the bottle is for water. it has taken a week to get her used to the idea, but now it is something interesting and new for her to do! just be prepared for some major spilling!! good luck! persistance is the key!!!!!!
hi sammie well i also had the same trouble when i started my daughter with a cup she hated itfirst i brought a heinz one and then i decided to try a different cup so i brought a tommee tipee one and she took to it straight away i think she hated the heinz one because the sipper was to big for her mouth where as the tommee tipee one was just perfect maybe you will have to try another one.
Hi twinkletoes,

Thanks so much for that. I will look out for one of those when I go shopping next week.


Mum to toddler

Hi Sam,

My 6 month old is breast fed and he drinks water out of a Tommy Tippee bottle.. He loves it, however, when I went to give him a bottle of milk, he wouldn't drink it.. I thought he didn't like the formula.. so I bought a different bottle altogether for his milk and now he drinks it.. he associates the tommy tippee bottle with water and the avent one with milk.. some kids are funny arent they? I tried a cup, but it just made a mess... I'll try when he is older..
Good Luck!

Brodie's mama, NT

Hi Tammy,

That's a good idea. I will try a different bottle for his water and a different one for his milk.

Thanks for your help.


Mum to toddler

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