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Drinking Enough? Lock Rss

I have breastfed from day one - up until just recently - he is now 11 months. Due to his first cold, he is now refusing me and seeing that he is so close to 12 months I have decided to go straight to cows milk. I have been trying him on sipper cups since 6mnths, but he still hasn't got the jist of it and he has never had a bottle. Seeing that he is no longer feeding I have been diligently trying to get him to drink from the sipper cup, but he'd be lucky to drink 40ml in a day of water. I intro a bottle of milk (but didn't really want to because I think it's a bit of a backward step) just to try to increase his liquid - but even with this he will only sip at it (doesn't know how to use it?) and will only drink 20ml before having had enough. Has anyone else had these problems? Any suggestions on how to get him to drink more? He's still having wet nappies but I think he's clogging up slightly with the number 2's. I have bought and tried 6+ sipper cups with no huge success yet. Please help. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

SA, 2-half yr Boy

Hi there

I had similar problems with my son - he's now 2 1/2 yrs old and drinks plenty of water and milk. I breastfed him until he was about 13 months old, I only planned on going until he was 12 months but I couldn't get him to drink anything else. Anyway, I spoke to our child health nurse and she said to give him lots of watery fruits like watermelon, grapes etc to keep his fluids up. He was eating plenty of yoghurt and cheese, and having cow's milk on his breakfast so she said not to worry about him not wanting to drink milk. Like you I tried heaps of different cups and could only get him to drink about 20mls of water per day. Then one day he just drank his whole cup (120mls) of water in one go. Apparently breastfed babies find straw cups easier to drink from as they suck differently to bottle-fed babies so maybe try cup with a straw if you haven't already. Just keep offering water in a cup - the one you've had most success with and hopefully like my son he'll take to it soon. Just make sure he gets plenty of fluids from fruit or jelly etc. I hope this helps. Let me know how you go.

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