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When to stop steralizing Lock Rss

I have recently purchased a easyflow babies cup for my bub to play with and practice holding(she is only 4months). I was thinking about putting some cooled boiled water in it for her to have a go at drinking out of it. I wouldn't think that you would put this cup into the sterilizer, but yet i do with all her bottles. The whole transition confuses me on whether to sterilize or just put it through the dish washer. I would appreciate any advise.

Lynda, Qld, Emma-3yrs, Chloe-10mths

I think if it has just had water in, it should be safe to have unsteralised, (after all, we don't have to steralise the bowls and spoons they eat with) however if it has milk in it, then I would steralise it, until 12 months at least. Apparently you can steralise bottles in the dishwasher - don't know about this though because we don't have one.
I am not sure about sterilising the cup but i am just wonderin also when to stop sterilising, my little boy is 10 months! So we might find out together hopefully, saves me posting about the same subject.

I know i do not sterilise my boys cup, i just wash them in hot soapy water and then rinse in hot water.


Kathryn mummy to William and PG with TWINS

i dont have babies any more but have heard that the hospitals are recommding NOT sterilising anymore just wash & rinse in hot water so it would be probably fine to do just that

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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