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Food Sensitivity Lock Rss

Hi there ! I would love to hear from other mums that have food sensitivite babies. My CHN suspects my DD may potentialy be a food sensitive baby. We've been sticking to bland food anyway so its not a big problem. We got back mid December for another check up, then we will slowly try some more 'non sensitive' foods. Anyway, I'm keen to hear some of your experiences - always a great way to learn. Thanks in advance.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi Kazi,
I'm Wendy my DD is 5 yrs and has an intollerance to full cream cows milk, icecream but not yoghurts, custards and cheese, she had silent reflux as a baby and still gets stomach cramps on certain foods.
My DS is 14 months and his silent reflux started when he went on to solids around 6 months, he has an intollerance to something but its a minefield trying to work out what it is and what to give them.
We have been to an alergist to see if there was a problem but he said an intollerance is not the same as an allergy so we are off 2 the gp to see where we go from here.
What have you found so far to be your DD's problem? What are her symptoms when she is having a food that irritates her?
I have found for DS broccoli, peaches, he also may be intollerant to cows milk and its products and wheat and a few other things.

Good luck with everything, hope to chat soon.



DD 08/00 & DS 09/04

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