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1 solid feed per day. Lock Rss

My girl is almost 5 months old and still only having 1 solid feed a day. She is healthy and nicely chubby but my first was having 2 solid feeds a day at the same age.
Gabrielle doesn't want a bottle before or directly after her solid feed either so I think shes missing out on liquids. Any suggestions??

Kirsten, NZ, Ella 02.10.1997, Gabrielle 20.06.2005

Hi There,

What is your bubs feeding routine? how many bottles a day and when do you give them? When do you give the meal? I had my bub on 2 solid meals a day at this stage and then she progressed to 3 very quickly. She too is not a great milk drinker. Let me know and I will tell you what I did in comparison to you.

Susannah NSW

Hi Kirsten

I really wouldn't worry too much about introducing a second meal at this age, especially if it means she reduces her milk intake. Milk, whether breastmilk or formula, is supposed to be your baby's main source of nutrition at this age and solids are just an extra to get them used to different tastes and textures. I'd suggest talking with your child health nurse for advice, but from what I know it's more important for babies to have their milk than solid foods, it's not recommended that you start giving solids before milk until around 8 or 9 months. If she is still gaining weight, having plenty of wet nappies and fairly content it's a pretty good indication that she is getting enough to drink/eat. Try not to stress too much about it, she'll let you know when she's ready for more food. My daughter is nearly 8 months old and has only been having 3 solid meals for about 2 weeks, I didn't start her on solids until she was 6 months and for about the first month she was only having 1 meal per day. As you said, your daughter is healthy and nice and chubby so it sounds like you are both doing well. I hope this helps.

Take care
Thanks for all the suggestions and tips, they have all been really helpful.

Kirsten, NZ, Ella 02.10.1997, Gabrielle 20.06.2005

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