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Feeding wriggly 10 month old Lock Rss

Hi there,

This may sound silly but my 10 month old daughter usually won't sit still long enough to feed her a full meal. I start the meal in her high chair but after a few minutes she gets so fed up that I have to get her out. She will then take some food in different positions e.g. in between crawling around. I don't want to make a big thing about the high chair and turn mealtimes into a negative experience so have just been going with the flow to make sure she gets enough to eat!

I expect them to be wriggly at this age (and it did start once she became mobile). Just wondering whether other babies are sooo unwilling to sit still?? I am hoping that this is just a phase and don't want bad habits to form. Would appreciate hearing about other people's experiences.
hey. i'm going through the same thing with my 9 1/2 month old! he too starts out in his high chair but after a few mouthfuls he gets so frustrated that he cant move around he cries so i give in and take him out and try feeding him on my lap but he's not happy there so i just work around him at the moment. now that he has discovered he can move around by rolling and crawling he wont sit still for anything! i too am hoping its just a phase and will soon tire of it and sit still long enough to eat a full mean, a few times ive even resorted to feeding him in the bath because this is the only where he'll sit still!

2 yrs

Hi there,

My 10 month old used to do this and i put it down to her being board. So i have tried a few things like giving a spoon to play with, putting something she likes on the telli and being stupid. When she starts getting wriggly i also give her some finger food to feed herself with and that also works.

Hope this helps let me know
Hi there Guys...
My son William hasnt sat still for a meal, since the first time we gave him solids... He loves his food but gets bored fast.... The best advice i can give is place them in a walker and feed them there... Just make sure they cant take off... I sit with my leg in front of the walker.... He still wiggles and wont sit still but all he does is bounce himself, and when hes ready he opens his mouth for food.... But you have to be quick before he starts jumping again...

I hope this helps...

kate nsw, 8mth boy

she will sit long enough to take however much she wants.

Kelly (23) Brisbane, mum to Tahlia 11months

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