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Tummy-Time is making her sick! Lock Rss

my 4 1/2 month old daughter loves rolling on to her stomach, but everytime she does this she throws up her milk and solid feeds. it makes it so unpleasant and messy to let her roll onto her stomach to have a play. i know tummy-time is important for her but i find myself rolling her back onto her back to that she doesnt bring her feeds up and get it all up her nose!!
what can i do to stop this from happening???
it even happens 2 hrs after her last feed!!
any tips would be great!!

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My son is 8 months old 2morrow and i also have a problem with them same thing. He has always been a very spewing baby but even more so when he is on his tummy.

It isn't a very pleasant thing at all.

I would appreciate any tips also.

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Hi Guys,
I don't know if this will help but there is a herbal medicine called 'stomach calm' by Brauer, its supposed to help with #upset stomach and #reflux its from the chemist for about $14.95. You could try using this beford or after a feed.
I have used the 'teething relief' and found that to be great.
Let me Konw how you go


thanx for ur help. ill give it a try and let u know how it goes....she seems worse then ever she has now started to bring up milk after a feed even when sitting up right.
i havent changed her formula or anything. solids have seemed to help though.

anyone with more tips is welcome to write them it would be great!!!

Cheryl,SA,Danika born 24.10.03 Matthew born 5.3.05

Hi my daughter was the same at that age, she had reflux and was a very spewy baby, she was on medication for a little while but it didnt stop her spewing completly it just made it so it didnt hurt coming up. she grew out of it on her own by about 8-9 months, I dont think there is alot you can do about it at this stage.

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Our daughter is only just started having tummytime because of her reflux I took her to a chiro for kids and they help with her reflux to the extent that she can now go on her tuumy for short periods
Hi Cheryl

My daughter is 8 months now and was exactly the same as your daughter and still she throws up, but not as much as when she was younger. I still have to keep reminding MIL not to bounce her, let her jump etc as she throws up (think it goes it one ear and out the other). Even now she is just about to crawl (at moment sliding of floor) and luckily i have wooden floorboards as its just a quick wipe but she still has a little chuck. The clinic told me that really there is not alot you can do, I haven't done anything and it has been gradually getting better. Just make sure you have a cloth nappy handy. The clinic did suggest to me for tummy time to roll a towel and put under her arms or one of those boomerang pillows. My daughter is very active and is constantly moving around in her cot and if on stomach to long is sick on her sheets, so more washing! I think there is light at the end of the tunnel. It just depends on how long the tunnel is!

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