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Fighting the Bottle Lock Rss

Hi my name is Rachel,

My son Benjamin is just over 8 months old now and, has been showing signs of teething since 3 1/2 months. Well it has been particularly bad the last week or so and, bottle feeding him as become a nightmare. He blatently refuses his bottle every time, whining and grizzling even after his nightly sleep which is a good 10 hours.
He is fine with solid feeds, having 3 solid feeds a day, though I have noticed he is a little sluggish where his meals are concerned the last couple of times.
Have tried to give rusks, or a bit of cold carrot in muslin to soothe but, he isn't interested and, the same goes for the teething ring.
Have also tried Teething Powder, Bonjela and also give Pamol when really bad.
But the problem still remains, he refuses his bottle and, we spend alot of time trying to get him to feed.
I can understand the pain of teething is unpleasant, I guess like one big lot of toothache but, have noticed there are times when I have picked him up and he is fine and starts cooing and talking so, I wonder if some of the time he is just having me on knowing that now, he is able to get his own way by whining and crying.
I do not know how he has been able to become the one in control as, we have always been careful not to go running at every whim.
I hope someone can shed some light on my problem, I would be extremely grateful for any suggestions.


It probably is uncomfortable for him but being in Mums arms makes everything seem better!
Hi my bub is 5 mths old and often does the same with her bottle. Sometimes she screams and really seems to want her bottle then pushes it out and then wants it agaian sucks furiously and pushes it out again. Her cheeks some days are very bright red and she is dribbling alot and suck at her teething ring so I assume she too is teething.
I started her on solids at four months but stopped because she just wasnt drinking enough milk. Have been advised that milk at this age is still far more important.
Anyway my bub is pretty much the same, needs to be with mum most of the time, no it would be pretty much all the time.
I am hoping it is just a passing phase.

Mum, Amber 11yrs and Holly 4mths

Hi, My daughter is now 6 months old. She already has her first set of teeth (they came through at 5 months), and now it seems her top teeth are about to appear. She is also refusing her bottle, and has become such a fussy eater. She is grizzly pretty much all day - and yes, we've tried the Bonjella, teething rings etc. This went on for a week when she got her first teeth, and then everything settled down - including her sleeping. So, I'm hoping that this will only last the week as well. It can be very frustrating, as you want the best for your baby, and you want to make sure that they're getting enough food. But, I've learnt that you can't force them to take the bottle. Hopefully this phase won't last long.

Debbie, QLD, gorgeous daughter

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