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What's your 11 month old eating? Lock Rss

Hi girls!
I was after some interesting but fuss free lunch and snack ideas for babies around 11 months to a year.

Also, what do you give your bubs when you are out and about apart from the old rusks and milk arrowroot biscuits as a quick snack?
hi kj

i know alot of mums may look down on me saying this but my baby gal eats whateva i eat
weetbix for brekkie
sandwich for lunch and some yougert
and then wat eva the evening meal is
really i feel at that age they have to experience things although i dont give her things like nuts and stuff but then i dont eat them either

good luck and do wat u want really no one can tell u how to raise your child cos in the end ur the mum

DD may 03, DS oct 06

Hi KJ,
My boy is 11months old and a really good eater; much better than his sister was at the same age (or maybe I'm just more confident and allow him to try more food than I did with her).
For snacks I give him sultanas, grapes, grated apple, watermelon, cheesesticks or a slice of cheese, cruskits, saladas, banana, little home-made muffins (banana flavour or apple/ sultana), those Heinz baby fruit bars, rice biscuits, etc.
Some lunch ideas are: scrambled eggs or omlette with ingredients such as tuna, grated carrot, grated zucchini, grated cheese, broccoli,etc ; or egg-bread which is bread soaked in whisked egg then lightly pan fried on each side. I also give him plain cooked pasta spirals and just spread them all over the high chair tray for him to eat. I must admit though, I'm often too busy and disorganised (or too lazy) to give him anything except for fruit, yoghurt and/or a sandwich for lunch.
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Hannah's 10 and a half months. For breakfast she has weet bix, porridge, or rice cereal with fruit. For lunch she has some yoghurt and a vegemite sandwich, for tea she has a bowl of vegies and if i'm having suitable meat she has that too followed by soy vanilla custard. She also has some fruit each day and a biscuit. All this and she still has a breastfeed every 2 hours! No wonder she's such an active and smart little girl.

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003

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