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Custard Lock Rss

Hi all,

Is it ok to give my baby some fresh custard which I bought from the fridge section at the supermarket? It's not baby custard and I didn't intentionally buy it for him, but I gave him a couple of teaspoons when he was watching his dad and I having desert. Is it also ok to give him some of the custard that you make up from a packet mix? I use that occassionally for desert because the fresh one doesn't last as long.


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My friend who is a dietician told me not to give my bub custard until she is 8 months old. I can't remember if that was because it was sweet or some other reason (sorry about that). If you give him custard, make sure the milk has been cooked (which I assume it would be if your are making custard) as the protein in milk needs to be broken down (which cooking does) before giving to bub.

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Hi Sam,
I wouldn't advise giving babies our custard until they are at least 7-8 months of age. This is because it is based on cows milk, and also most custards are made with skim milk, so they may not tolerate it until a later age. It is also very sweet, and it's not a good idea to get bubs used to such sweet foods as they then tend to want just that, and not vegies.

A little taste now and then though shouldn't hurt, but I wouldn't make a habit of it until he is older. Hope this helps you.

Mother of 3, Qld

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