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Storing Homemade Purees etc Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
This might be a stupid question but what is the best way to store solid foods for bub? I just made a pear puree and was wondering what would be the best way to store it so it lasts longer. I've heard that putting it into ice cubes trays works but I'm not sure. By the way would it work for other foods?
Also, once food has been in the freezer what's the best method for reheating? smile

Bett, NSW, 2 boys & Twins 19.2.08

I have just started my son on solids, and have been putting pureed vegetables in ice cube trays and then transferring to containers in the freezer and just reheating in the microwave, I've not had any problems and a lot of books recommend it. Hope it helps.

Jean, Qld, Ethan 14/8/03

Hi, I normally do a big cook up once a month and weigh out the ammount my son eats per feed and and put it in a zip lock frezzer bag. I have done this for both his fruit and vegies. I tried the ice cube way but i found that My son was eating alot and i would have needed to go out and stock up on icecube trays.

I just reheat his food in the microwave.


Mummy to Joshie 15/07/03 & Hannah Lily 26/02/06

I do the same as Jean, as my baby has started solids in the last month. I bought two tupperware ice cube trays as they have a lid on them, otherwise I just put the ice cube tray inside a freezer bag. I reheat in the microwave and I have the tommi tippee spoons that change colour when the food is too hot - been a very handy purchase smile

Mum to DD 08.08.03 and DS 12.05.05

I stored my babies cooked food in tuperware containers and the jars baby food come in (eg. The gels etc). This way they have a lid on them and don't get freezer burn. I love the idea of zip lock bags. I must get some.

I take out the next days dinner and put it in the fridge to thaw. By dinner time the next day it is thawed out, then I only need to re heat it in the microwave for a few seconds. This way it is not losing its vitamin content by being re cooked for too long.

You can also reheat the food by placing the container in a jug, and pouring in hot water from the kettle.

What ever method you chose to re heat the food, be sure to give the food a really good stir before serving, to distribute the heat evenly and prevent burns.

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi everyone!
Thanks for all the replies. I've started using ice cube trays and I've actually reheated by placing the food in a container and then in a bowl with water from the kettle - so everything is going well.
It's definately an interesting adventure smile I've introduced pureed pears to him this week and just watching his face squirm at the taste is soooo funny - not sure if he dislikes the taste or not but when I mix a bit with the rice cereal it goes down a lot better.

P.s. I too like the idea of the zip lock bags - definately on my next shopping list. I do love these forums. Where else would we get these great ideas - go technology!

Thanks again everyone smile Mums rock!! smile

Bett, NSW, 2 boys & Twins 19.2.08

I cook up big batches of food every week and freeze in ice cube trays covered with foil, when they are frozen I transfer them to snap lock bags, as I find them really hard to get out of the trays if they've been in there for a few days, plus it frees up my ice cube trays for the next concoction!!! I reheat breifly in the microwave after defrosting overnight in the fridge.

the ice cube tray is good but also some small freezer conainreare are good as u can then store a larger amount i just reheat in microwave and give a good stir

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I also save the trays from commercial frozen baby food and re-use them for my own frozen food; I find that they are easier to push the food out of, too.


2 DD: 5.5 yrs & 1yr

I reuse the heinz and golden circle baby food jars to freeze all my meals in. I write on the lid whats inside and the date it was made. I use the small jars for lunches (so I can add custard or yoghurt to it as well) and the big jars for dinner. Perfect meal size.

Something I used to do with my daughter (now 3) was make up a huge batch of vegies, and throw in pumpkin, sweet potato, zucchini, broccoli, carrots, turnips sometimes, pretty much any mashable type vegies or whatever you have in the fridge! I would either boil them or steam them until soft, and then mash them with a potato masher until smooth. Once it was cool I used to use an ice-cream scoop and scoop what we called 'vegie blobs' onto trays and freeze them. Once frozen we used to just take them off the trays and store them compactly in plastic bags (but I will definitely have to try zip-lock bags for my number 2 when he starts on vegies - great idea!). These make a really good base for adding pretty much anything, or even having on their own, we used to give her one for lunch and then one for dinner with meat either mixed in or on the side, then fruit purees done in ice trays for dessert. I found that a large batch ie. One whole or half a pumpkin, 3ish sweet potatoes, 2-3 carrots, a broccoli flouret and 4-5 zucchini, would do us for a couple of weeks. This means you are not cooking all the time and they are soooo easy to use. To reheat we used to just chuck one in the microwave for a little while (its been 2 years, can't remember exactly how long!), abviously make sure it was not too hot and....voila!
Hope this helps!

Danielle, Vic, Mum of 3

Hi everyone,

I originally just invested in some freezer storage containers from Woolworths. I have two colours, one for veg, and one for fruit. I also found that with the ice cube trays it was one more thing to be washed, and would go thru about half a tray per meal! Yes he eats a lot!



DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

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