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Even though this is my second child, you seem to easily forget. But how many milk feeds do you give a nearly 9 month old?

Currently I'm giving him 4 x 240 ml of milk, and 3 solid feeds, although his solids are only half a jar, if I'm lucky.

I thought perhaps if I reduced his milk intake, then his solid intake would increase.

Also, I have to say what a chicken I am. Having had bad experiences with my daughter as a baby, I am only giving my son Heinze or Golden Circle food (age appropriate), and not introducing him to other foods.

Many thanks.

Mary, NSW, mother of two

According to my formula tin....there's nothing wrong with giving 4 x 240ml of milk to a 9month old, however my baby is 9 months old too, and I feed her solids first now and a bottle before she goes down for a sleep. She probably drinks 600ml all up each day....which doesn't sound like much! I am a bit concerned that maybe she should have a bit more than that, but she is very healthy, and big for 9months. She also sleeps approx 11 hours each night, so she must be satisfied with what I give her. I couldn't really tell you how much solids she eats each day, cos she only eats finger food, cos she won't let me spoon feed, so I have never shoved the finger food in a jar so I could tell you how much she eats....she just eats till she is full!
As for eating the shop food,....that makes it easy for you! My little girl won't eat it anymore! She just won't take it! If you're having veges for tea, you could always mash some up for your baby of that,...if your daughter has no trouble now,...your son might not have any trouble at all.
Hope this helps somewhat,

my son is now almost 8 months old( 15th of march)

And he would drink 600mls of formula a day plus about 250mls of water and he has 4 solid meals per day.

He has aprox 150 grams per solid feed and he is thriving. He just loves his solids. Sometimes he will have some mashed banana in between his feeds or some sort of fruit not really as a meal but just something to chew on really.
I make all of Joshua's food fresh. I give him fresh fruit and vegies and just mash them up or grate them up too. He only has tin food if we go out. But he seems to want to pick off my plate lately.


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Thanks Larnie and Georgina,

I'll have to try him on finger foods and see how he likes it.

I know that you should feed solids first, but find that Antonio loves his milk first thing in the morning, followed by breakfast (at least 30 mins later). All his other feeds are solids first.

Mary, NSW, mother of two

Zach use to have 4 x 220ml feeds per day when he was 6 months, now hes down to 3 a day but doesnt drink the entire bottle. Apparently this is normal for them to cut down at this age as their solid food intake increases.
Thanks Elle,

I have noticed that with some feeds some milk is left over.

Mary, NSW, mother of two


When Aimee was 9 months old she was having 3 bottles, each one before she went to bed, she had 2 bottles of 180ml during the day and 240ml at night and if she woke in the night I would give her another 180ml but that wasnt often,

Have you tried making your own solids for your son, Aimee went through a stage where she would only eat homemade veges and she still prefers them to jar food, at least we know whats in it.
Try to give him alot of finger food too as it will helpp him to chew and its less hassel for you.

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My son is 8 1/2 months old, and I'm still breast feeding him 5 times a day as well as three solid meals, I've just started giving him afternoon tea (just fruit or yoghurt) as well. I was really slow at introducing solids as he got a rash on his bottom after his first try of rice cereal, but I've just slowly introduced new foods and he seems ok now. I've also been a bit of a chicken in regard to finger food - he seems to have a really sensitive gag reflex. Although he is ok with toast, so I give him a piece cut into four fingers woth every meal. The health nurse told me it's really important to get him used to chewing. Yesterday I tried him with some pieces of ripe pear with the skin still on and he was fine with it. So now I think I'll start giving him a lot more finger food. I find that he gags more if there are lumps in his food but if he has something like toast that he has to chew on he's ok. Hope this helps.

Hi Mje

My litle boy is currently 8.5 months and his typical food/drink routine is :

7am-8am -bottlefeed 240ml - loves to drink first thing in the morning.

10am - baby rice cereal mixed with water and fruit ie banana, strawberries, pear, apple etc

or weetbix with diluted cow's milk, only tried this yesterday and he didnt seem to mind the taste difference.

11am-12am - bottlefeed 180ml

2pm - 3pm - fruit fruit and more fruit ( any combination he just loves it)

4pm - will drink around 150ml of formula ,currently we are trying to phase this bottle feed out as after 9 months I have read babies need more solid feeds to bottle or breast feeds.

5:30pm - dinner time!!!! This can vary from chicken or beef and mash vegies or mash potato or rice or pasta which I bought from an italian deli which is specifically for babies but i would imagine normal cooked pasta which is broken down with a fork will also do.

7pm -8pm Bottlefeed between 180- 240ml usually falls asleep without finishing it all.

I also offer him water after each solid feed...

He usually starts to look away, push the plate or puts his thumb in his mouth and starts sucking when he has had enough food so i dont worry too much on the amount I give him as he is happy to let me know himself.

Hope any of this helps smile

helena- vic- ds-3.5 dd- 1

my son at that age was hving 5 200 ml bottles now at 15 months he has 3

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I was recently told that up until 12 months milk feeds are still the most important, either bottle or breast.
Not sure if this helps as I'm only just starting my son on solids and am very unsure as to what he should be eating etc.
If you're happy with whathe's getting and he doesn't seem hungry all the time you're obviously doing something right.

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