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Food for 9month. Lock Rss

My daughter is 9 months old and want to start giving her a more of a variety of food to eat. Does anyone have ideas on food for 9 month olds?

Tania,SYD,13mth girl. [email protected]

She will be able to almost everything you eat. Just mash it up a little, and make sure it doesn't contain too much salt or sugar. Savory mince is a favourtite of my 10 month old son's, also spagetti bolagnaise, French toast, Vegemite sandwiches or vegemite toast and apricot chicken are winners with my son. Hope this gives you some idea's.

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi Tania,
I have a 9 month old also. Just a quick list of some of the things he enjoys:

toast halves with vegimite
canteloupe, kiwi, banana
spaghetti bolognese/ lasagna
small florets of broccholi & steamed beans
tuna sandwiches (not filled too much)
ham sandwiches
cheese sticks
yoghurt with mashed banana

Also tonight I had some left over vegies which I mashed, added a grated potato and an egg. Spooned some mixture into small patties and fried it in a little butter. They were delic! Ben loved it too.

Lisa. Mum to Ethan 25/9/2000 and Ben 6/5/2003

Just a note about offering the vegie pattie in my post above. I guess you shouldn't use egg until you know she is not allergic to it.

Lisa. Mum to Ethan 25/9/2000 and Ben 6/5/2003

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