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When to start juice Lock Rss

Would like to hear from mums as to when they started their bubs on some sort of juice - my twins have started solids, and I think they are getting sick of formula. Thought I might offer some diluted juice as well, but not sure if they are too young at 6 months. Any ideas??

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

hi twin mum i started my daughter on diluted juice at 6mths i just brought the hienz little jars that were already diluted and sometimes added abit more bolied water to it now i just buy the big 2 litre diluted juices that are made by golden circle they last alot longer ecpecially in the heat my daughter drinks alot anyway hope this helps seeya
Hi Victoria,
I started my kids on diluted juice at around 4 months of age. I brought the 6 pack of golden circle juice. This way I only need to use 1 popper at a time, as to start with the one litres were too much. Even though they are ready to use straight away, I diluted it 50/50 with boiled water, as they are still quite strong. My son loves the apple juice. Hope this helps.

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi Twin Mum. I don't want to be a spoil sport, but our maternal and child health nurse told us you should not really give your baby juice ever! Same goes for adults actually, but of course we are a lot more concerned about our babies' health than our own. You see fruit juice has a LOT of sugar, even if you dilute it, and not a lot of the nutrients of fruit. You are much better off giving your babies fruit to eat and plain water to drink.

Jessica, VIC, Max 24.08.03


I started Corey on juice at 6months old and he loved it..

I get the Heinz 1 and put half juice & half water.
or Golden Circle which is already diluted.

Michelle, mum to Corey 14/3/03 - Bankstown

Thanks very much for all your advice. It is so hard to know what to do. Sometimes I just go with whatever works, other times I am really guided by our clinic nurse. It is true what they say "babies really don't come with an instruction manual!!" Thanks again.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

I agree with the "no" to juices. Babies don't need it and they are better off with water. Make sure it is boiled before hand. It is free and better for their teeth.

My son is six months and I also gave him the heinz diluted juice, or on hot days just mash up some watermelon and give him the juice he loves it.

Vic, 3 y.o boy

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