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Solids and General Feeding Issues


Huggies Help Panel - Nutritionist

Hi Everyone, Just to let you know our nutritionist Leanne Cooper, is ready to answer your questi...

23 replies

Heyy all I'm new to this first time mum and everything I've been hearing a lot about people having trouble breastfeeding w...

Considering starting 3 month old on solids

Hi, My son has just turned 3 months and I am considering offering him a small amount of rice cere...

35 replies

Go with your gut I reckon. My mum had 8 kids, all 8 started on solids at or around 3 months and we’re all fine, no food allergies, ...



I'd love to hear how you prepared chook for the first time. My DD is almost 8 months, keen to try...

2 replies

Do you like to cook? I love very much. Therefore, I recommend you my favorite chicken recipe.


How long can I store cooked, mashed vegies?

I cook and mash sweet potato, pumpkin and apples and want to know how long I can keep these store...

5 replies

I like to cook. And I think that it will be useful for you to learn how to bake potatoes.


Cows Milk allergy Lactose intolerant ? Aptamil allerpro

My baby has been having tummy issues since 8weeks old (now 14weeks) We ended up in hospital for ...

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I have been told a few different ages for when it is ok to start babies on cows milk. Can anyone ...

11 replies

Hey ladies, those of you that have given your children cows milk from around 6months of age.. How were your kids poos lol and the li...


What is the best vegetable to go with apple??

Hi everyone! I am trying to get my 7 month old intererested in vegetables rather than just apple...

11 replies

A carrot goes fine with an apple. I know how important it is for my kids to eat more vegetable. But the task of making them eat mo...


Cracked and bleeding nipples :(

My DD 8months got her first teeth two weeks ago. My problem is they are rubbing against my nipple...

10 replies

For anyone else searching for solutions to cracked nipples, I just wanted to add that I've been using MADE OF nipple balm and i...


Homemade Purees

Hello everyone, I need advice on buying such a thing

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13 Month Old baby refusing to have any milk

We recently introduced cows milk to my 13 month olds bottles, all was going fine. But just recent...

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Dropping a milk feed at 7.5 month

Hello, my daughter is not drinking anywhere near what she used to of her formula bottles. I'...

1 reply

My 61/2 month old is the same. She used to have 250ml bottle first thing in the morning and then 2 x 200ml bottles during the day an...


My one year old has stopped eating !

Hi all My one year old has just stopped eating about 3 weeks ago. He is only eating small pieces ...

4 replies

Hi Amy, According to your description, it is likely that your kids are fussy eating, the symptoms are they reject foods that they u...

twin mumma

Establishing routine

Hi all, My DS and DD are six months(5 months corrected)They both are eating 3 meals a day but on...

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twin mumma

Feeding Routine

My DS and DD are six months(5 months corrected)They both are eating 3 meals a day but only drinki...

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What veggies and fruit to purée

Hey guys my son has been eating solids since he was 5 months 2 weeks old he is now 6 months 1 wee...

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Tongue tied and chewing!

Hey there, my 16 month old has tongue tie which was not corrected when she was little because I c...

3 replies

I never really heard about tongue tie before, I only came about this topic because I was researching if it's normal that my bab...


10 month old not eating soilds at all

Hi everyone Im a first time mum and have a beautiful 10month old baby girl. She has a issue with...

3 replies

Hi there. how are you? Didn't you started his weaning when he was 6 years old? Have you consulted with doctor? What did he said...


6 month immunisation

My DS had his 6mth injections last week and he has not been himself since. He is generally happy ...

9 replies

It is all a good sign. I wouldn't really worry. babies reacting to the vaccine just shows the immune system in progress. 6th m...


Transition from nipple shield to bottle

Hello people can anyone please recommend which bottle to use for bub to make an easy transition f...

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How much does your 7month have a day

Hi there I have an almost 7month old little girl Weighing in at 9.5kg Currently she’s having 2-...

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starting solids at 3 months

Hi, i was wondering if anyone had started their babies on solids earlier than the 4-6 months. My ...

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My baby stopped eating solid he used to eat

Hi there! So my son is 6 months and have always loved his solid food since 4 month. In the last ...

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9 month old won't eat...terribly constipated...need help/advise

Hello ladies, Mydaughter Lara is almost 10 months and is a real fussy eater. She started on fo...

7 replies

Hi Indolence. I currently have a 8.5 mo baby, exactly on the same boat as yours. Dont like solid food everything. He used to like c...


What fish for 8 month old?

I want to introduce fish in my nearly 8 months's old diet. What is the best fish to puree. I neve...

9 replies

Does anyone have a nice recipe for snapper for babies? Also, in my understanding flake is high in mercury so it’s not the best choic...

Huggies Support

5 ideas for baby's first finger foods

1. Cooked, diced sweet potato Tip: Babies naturally like sweeter veggies like sweet potatoes. S...

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4 replies

If you are giving her soilds b4 her bottle try switching them around. Also if you do add formular to her soilds you will need to a...

Huggies Support

When did you start your baby on solids?

What did you start them on? Here is a rough guide but we'd love to hear from you! 4-6 Mont...

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Huggies Support

What foods did you start your little one on?

What were their favourites? Avocado? Sweet potato?

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HOW MUCH in one sitting did you start baby on?

I've started my 4 month old of farex and she loves it. She swallows it great and is super ke...

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My 7 month old son not taking to solids

I started feeding mashed food at 6 months. My son has never taken solids well. Some things he wil...

5 replies

Thank you. I have been feeding my son well pureed food which i intentionally keep a bit runny and he has taken it well for the past ...

Huggies Support

Baby's First Superfoods

You've probably been trying to incorporate a few super foods into your conception and pregna...

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Huggies Support

3 great baby finger food ideas

Try these healthy snacks for your little one once they have started on solids. Toddlers will also...

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how much should a 6 month old eat?

Hi, My DS is 6 months old and has just started solids. Hes currently having 3 meals of pureed fru...

6 replies

My lil girl is 6 months. How much solids should she be having & what times? She tends to have lunch and I just started her on di...

Huggies Support

Have you tried baby led weaning?

How did you start it? Is it something you would recommend to others?

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His nearly 5 months I need recipes for baby food i can put formula into? I dont want my son to r...

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FREEBIES list for Baby & Mum Samples

Hey everyone I've emailed all the companies listed on here and other sites and anything else i c...

2 replies

Also thanks so much I also have emailed Sudo cream for nappy rash and Johnson's and baby and received baby shampoo and conditi...

Huggies Support

Starting solids - what was the first solid food that your baby ate?

Introducing your little one to solids is an important first step. It's important that foods ...

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Tips for dealing with meal time fussiness - have you got any to add to our list?

Meal times feeding your little one can be a battle of wills and test even the most zen patience l...

1 reply

My four year old used to be terrible at eating vegetables and it would take him 10-15 minutes to chew one bite. I have 3 boys and us...


Getting started with solids

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What was your baby's first solid food?

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