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I have an almost 8 mth old who isn't crawling yet but is moving around alot in her sleep. She always ends up in all sorts of positions and i can't cover her with blankets as once she turned around and ended up with her head under the blankets. I am having to get up at night and move her when she is stuck in an uncomfortable spot and i think she is waking when when feeling a little cold. I can't remember going thru this with my first (probably forgoten) has anyone experienced this and what did you do. Or is this just another phase that she will eventually out grow?

Vic, 2 girls - 9 yo & 17mth old

hi there,
i also have a wriggling girl woh is 5mths old and keeps waking up on her tummy and in weird posistions. i have taken out all of the blankets as plunket said she could suffocate under them? and i just dress her up warmer, the cot looks weird but seems to be just fine... good luck

michelle, auckland

My 5 mth old son does the same thing. I also try and dress him up warmly (you can get those sleeping bags for babies), but have not yet figured out what to do about the wriggling. The other night he fell asleep with both his legs poking all the way through the bars of the cot! He does wake up during the night with his head squashed against the end or side of the cot, or a limb or two poking out and I also have to get up and move him - I believe you can get contraptions designed to stop them from rolling over in their sleep, but I don't know if they're recommended by SIDS.

Jessica, VIC, Max 24.08.03

Hi Yonny,

I have this problem with my 9 month old which started when she was about 6 months. She has since learned to get herself out of trouble now she is stronger. Although this morning I found her on her tummy, legs poking through the holes at the end of her cot. I am not sure how long she had been like this but apparently she was comfortable?! I do not use blankets in the cot either. I just dress her a bit warmer. We live in Alice Springs so it is warm here anyway! I would say that the majority of babies grow out of this stage as they get stronger. Goodluck.

Rachel, 20mth girl + 1 on the way

I have an 11 mth old who does the exact same thing - i.e last night went to sleep with both legs through the cot bars and she even managed to give herself a wedgy!! Thankgod for the nappy! But she went to sleep just the same. My problem is that here in Tassy it is much colder her and without fail she gets out of the blankets and then wakes up cold during the night. Our days are warm but nights are chilly so when she goes to bed I put a light blanket on her then when i go I put a warmer one on. Every morning at 4am or there abouts she wakes from being cold. Its gotten to the stage where my internal alarm clock goes off so I wake and check her in the night, but I then have a restful sleep myself. Any suggestions????

Sophie and Daniel's Mum - Tassie

hi well my daughter does the exactly same thing you can go into check on her and you just dont know which way she is going to be i have found upside down sideways legs hanging out of the cot but then a couple of times she got her leg stuck up against the wall through the bars on the cot and i had to help her get out but i aint to worried i think she will grow out of it sooner or later i just dress her warm cause she never has any blankets on.
I sympathise with you because I too have an active little 8mth old who moves around in his sleep. He kicks off his blankets and rolls onto his tummy. I have a mozzie net around his cot which he is now able to pull through the bars. That will have to go. He wakes me about 2 or 3 times a night to move him and cover him back up. It's wearing a little thin with me now. I am going to try the sleeping bags to try and stop him getting cold but as for the moving I am yet to discover a solution. Good luck to you and to me. If you find an answer please let me know

Courtney NSW 8mth baby boy

My daughter is 1 and she still moves all around her cot and ends up with legs or arms through the bars. It isn't a problem becuase she gets herself out of it now. I don't have any blankets in the cot at all.
The baby sleeping bags are good and you can get them at the following web site They are a bit expensive but they are very good, especially for colder weather. Target has had some similar ones previously.
I have just spoken to SIDS in WA last week and anything that restrains a childs movement in a cot or bed is not recommended.
I use sleeping bags for my children from Baby Sleepers and they can move around and not wake up cold, it also stops legs poking out the side of the cot and them climbing out!

mother of two

Hi c's mum,
do you have a contact number for plunket I have a friend who has just moved to NZ from Perth and wants to contact the child health system (plunket?)

mother of two

My 23mth old is sleeping in a bed and he still wriggles around head banging walls (please let him grow out of it!), with my littlest i have slightly raised the top of the cot matteress so it takes him longer to reach the top of the bed, unfortunately he chooses to sleep on his tummy but i can still find him on his back, upside down and arms and legs everywhere.


The phone numbers for plunket should be in the white pages. The number for plunket line which is a free 24 hr 7 day a week advice line is 0800 933 922. They can probably help her with how to get in touch with her local plunket centre, and they are really great when you need advice on anything, about your child or breastfeeding. Also most areas have a plunket family centre where you can go for help with sleeping, feeding or if you just can't cope.

Rochelle, NZ, baby girl born 22.10.2003

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