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My baby is 5 mths old and since he was born he has gone to bed late. As a young baby he could sometimes be up all night and only get to sleep at about 5am! This has thankfully gotten better, but I now really want to bring his bed time forward so I can get some more time to myself in the evenings and so he is better rested. Recently I have been watching him from aroung 6:30 and when he looks tired I quickly bath him, breastfeed him and put him to bed. The problem is he usually cries and cries and will not actually go to sleep until about 9 - 10 pm. Should I give up on the early bedtime? He does seem tired though. Help would be appreciated.

Jessica, VIC, Max 24.08.03

Is your son on solids as yet and if not it might be worth a try as he could be starting to get hungry and therefore not wanting to sleep.
If he is still on breastmilk alone why not introduce some rice cereal in the late afternoon (it doesn't have to be given in the morning) and see if that works.
Maybe bath him earlier. If he is being bathed quickly before bed it could be waking him up instead of relaxing him.
Our routine of a night is: 5pm bathtime, 6pm bottle, 6.30-7pm bed time.
When Ella is put to bed I turn on her musical doll and she goes off to sleep listening to that instead of concetrating to stay awake.
Good luck smile

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

Hi, I heard that if you are trying to change their routine of going to bed late to an earlier time to decrease the time each few days by 15 minutes. EG if 10pm is the bed time, try 9.45 for 3-4 days then once he is settled on that go down to 9.30. Do this until a suitable time is acheived. Good luck.

Deena NZ New mum

Thank you both. I have just started him on solids over the last couple of days, but I am giving him this for lunch at around 12pm, rather than in the arvo, so maybe some a bit later could help. The problem with trying to slowly move his bedtime forward is that we're not really changing his routine - we're giving him a routine at all. I must admit, up until now I haven't really pushed any routine on him and have just let him go to sleep when he wanted to. Maybe this is the problem! Anyway, thanks for your help - I'll persevere!

Jessica, VIC, Max 24.08.03

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