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Baby sleeping in our bed? Lock Rss

My son is four months old. He usually wakes up every two hours at night. I put him in his cot at about 10pm each night and when he wakes after that he sleeps with me in my bed. I find he often half wakes up and seems to settle again easier if he is patted back to sleep without being picked up if he is in my bed. but when he is in his cot he seems to wake up completly before i can get to him and takes ages to resttle and when this happens so often during the night it can be very tiring, with no-one getting much sleep. I feel it is safe but dont want baby to get in to much habit of not being in his cot.
Do other people have this issue and what are your ideas?

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Hi ladybird,

My son is 6 months old and in the very beginning he would also sleep in the bed with us as he was waking every hour or so to feed. When he was 2 months old i moved him into a cradle beside my bed that way he was still close to me, and so it would teach him to sleep in his own bed. And when he woke up i would just rock the cradel slightly and he would go back to sleep. After about a month of him sleeping in his cradle beside our bed i moved the cradle into his own room for a few nights so that he got used to his own room and then i transfered him into his cot.

He now sleeps in his own room every night and sleeps from about 8 pm until 7 am he very rairly wakes at all unless he is having a nightmare or teething which we are going through now.

I don't know whether this will help you or not but it worked for us


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I found it was hard to get my son and myself out of the habit. He is 6 months old now and he is still in my bed or me in the spare bed in his room most nites. He starts off in his cot and then ends up with me.

I do try and persevere but it's just so nice to get good sleep and garaunteed i'll get it when he's in bed with me.

If it works for you, do it. But you might have to be prepared for the struggle of regaining your bed! Or it could be that I'm just a wuss and my little tyrant is most certainly king of his domain.
Our first son slept in our bed until he was six months old, mainly because he barely slept during the day and the night was not much better. It was this option or me going insane from lack of slumber. He then moved to his own cot until he was 12 mths old and we went on holidays for 6 weeks. He got used to sleeping with us again, and on our return slept on his cot mattress beside our bed. When he was 15 mths he moved back into his room, only to have this thrown out the window when we had to move house. When he turned 20 mths (or so) we put him in his own room and perservered with putting him back in his own bed and so on. He is now 4 and takes great pride in sleeping in his own bed. He also has his new brother in there with him and loves the "responsibility" of looking after him. In the end, having bub sleep in bed with us worked out ok and I was sane enough to go through the whole process again.
Our first son sleep in our bed from about 1yr old he is now 4 and is in his own bed and has been for the last 18mths. I also have a niece who is 6 and still will not sleep in her own bed.So as hard as it is you have to make the choice to let your baby sleep with you or not. I do not beleive there is good or bad points to this as I would not change the time we spent with our son in our bed. But saying that I have alittle girl who is almost 2 and she has never slept with us. Each child is different.


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hi well i have an 8 1/2mth old daughter and she used to sleep fine but the teeth are driving her nuts so she has been getting into my bed when she wakes in the middle of the night cause she just wont settle back in her cot and this has been going on for some time now i just find it so much easier in the night to grab her and put her in with us cause she just wont go back to sleep in her cot i dont get much sleep though cause she grabs and pokes at me some nights i get her to sleep in our bed and then put her back in her cot i am just hoping that she will get out of this thing when the teeth come through praying she does anyway.
Hi its much eaiser to just take them into your bed but try not to do it for too long, my niece who is now 6 was allowed to sleep with her parents till she was about 4 and now she hates sleeping by herself and cries for about 2 hours every night before she goes to sleep, once they get into the habit its hard to get them out.

I'm lucky my daughter used to sleep with us alot but we let her cry until she went to sleep every night for a week and we wouldnt put her with us when she woke in the night. now she doesnt even like sleep with us in the night.

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