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Baby hitting head on cot side Lock Rss

One of my 5 month old sons is a real mover when he is put in his cot until he finds a comfortable positon to sleep. The problem is that he can be all over the cot and likes to sleep with his face up against the sides. He is currently in a snuggle bed which is getting too small, but if I put him in the cot he wakes himself up by banging his head on the side, or getting his leg caught in the sides. Any suggestions for the transition from snuggle bed to cot?

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

There is a bolster pillow sort of thig made by 'safe and sound'. It is two tubular pillows joined by apiece of material and the width is adjustable by velcro. I got mine at the local Baby Barn, I've found it really helpful however here inCairns my son tends to get a bit too hot in it lately. (wet season). I found he was also knocking himself about and started sleeping him in his port-a-cot which has soft, netted sides. This way he is cool, safe and free to move.
Thanks for your reply. I'll check the bolster pillow out. It is funny you should mention the port a cot, we have one (actually two) of those and he loves it and he can sleep on the netted sides and still breath. We use them downstairs during the day when it is hot and then they have their cots in the nursery at night. I think we will just have to move the port a cot upstairs. Isn't it just the way when you buy beautiful timber cots (pregnancy hormones when shopping) and then they actually prefer the port a cot. Its like when you spend a fortune on toys and they end up playing with rice in a container. Thanks again.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

I too have a beautifull timber cot. Thankfully I bought it second hand! My mum laughed at me cos se did the same thing only to move me to a single bed by the time I was one. Don't despair though as I saw a friend of mine take the adjustable side off her timber cot and use it as a three sided bed before her daughter went into a 'bigbed'. A good way to get your money's worth.
The cots we bought change into single beds. So at least (hopefully) we will get our moneys worth in the next couple of years. Thanks for you replies. I will let you know how we go or if we are kept awake with the constant thuds as our rooms are joined.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

Hi Twin Mum,

My daughter is 6 months old and now that she moves around alot, I too was having the problem of her hitting her head on the cot and also because she was settling when wrapped she was getting out of her wrap and not being able to re-settle herself.

I purchased an item called safetsleep (you can get it at babies galore and toys r us). Anyway it is brilliant and it worked the first time I used it. I too tried the product from safe n sound but as they get older they just don't stay in it!

I can honestly say that the safetsleep is the way to go. Check out the product on their website - I will be using it from day one with the next one. I truly recommend it.

Please let me know how you go with it.

Good luck!
Hi Twin Mum,

Sorry, I gave you the wrong website address.

It is (no au on the end).
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