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Has anyone read "Save our Sleep" by Tizzie Hall? Lock Rss

Hi all,

has anyone read Tizzie Hall's book Save our Sleep? There are heaps of routines that she has developed for babies. Im currently trialing one which seems to be working so far. Give it a go ladies if it means we get a few extra hours sleep.
Yep, Great book Hey.......
We have used the routines for Coen since he was 12 weeks old.
A definate saviour.
yep, great book. im trialling it now on my 10week old. the only problem is i cant seem to keep him up as long as the routine says. any ideas on how to keep him up longer? at the moment he is still catnapping through the day. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I have the same problem with my 4mth old. She finds it difficult to stay awake for 2 hrs which is required for this to work. Also, I cant get her to stay in bed until 7am usually she starts her day anywhere between 6 and 6:30am... any ideas here?

Beautiful Girls - Jess 15/09/04 Georgia 20/01/07

I bought the book yesterday after seeing a post on Tizzie Hall. My DS has not slept through yet and he is 4 mths old and eating plenty but still waking twice a night. After starting this routine for the first time yesterday and last night he went to bed at 7pm we gave him his dreamfeed at 10.30pm and he didn't wake until 5am when I gave him a bottle and put him back to bed he woke at 7am. He is self settling himself and we managed to keep him up till 9am and put him back to bed with little or nearly no fuss. I'm going to be really stricked with it but so far after 1 day I can already see a huge improvement.

To keep him up through the morning I cheat a little as he dosnt drink all his bottle at 7am so at 8am I give him the rest and put him down to play again which I find keeps him going until I start to settle him and wrap him at 8.50am and put him into bed at 8.55am and he was off to sleep by 9am

As for waking at 6am I would try and give your DD a small amount of milk at this time and try to get her back down even if it's only for 1/2 hr you can get her back up at 7am and give her more bottle. This might help!!! Good luck with it all I am really excited that this routine might actually be working, I only wish I had known about it sooner.

Hi Jess and Georgias mum,

What time are you putting her to bed?
[Edited on 05/06/2007]
I found that the dreamfeed made no difference with my son he stil woke up at the same time he does every night for a feed.
I put Georgia to bed between 6 and 6:30pm as I can't keep her up until 7pm as required. As we start our day so early I just can’t stretch her out.

I find that her first sleep in the morning is the hardest to keep her up for the required two hours. She will only last about 1 to 1 1/2hrs; the next sleep will be at least two hours after she wakes ONLY if we go out. If we stay at home she will want to go to bed after 1 1/2 hrs. Maybe she gets board? I dont know how with her 2yo sister in her face all the time..

Georgia has me up at least 2 times per night for a feed and I am OK with that she has never slept through and sometimes on a bad night has me up every hour. I desperately need something to get her to sleep longer so I will continue to try this routine.

Beautiful Girls - Jess 15/09/04 Georgia 20/01/07

Hi ladies that are following this book!!

Just wondering if you are all using dummys for you bubs to go to sleep with!!

I am - and my daughter has been sleeping 7 - 7 until the last few weeks she seems to be waking up for her dummy - I really dont know what to do!!

I know in the work it says not to use them - so just wondering if you are or not???

Adelaide - pregnant with my 1st

Hi Expectingmy1st, my DS used to have a dummy but since following the book I have taken it off him and he is doing very well without it. I think it just takes a day or so of tantrums (crying) before they settle down.

Good Luck!
Yes, my son has a dummy but I cant seem to take it away from him. Apparently it makes them get hungry quicker through the night. My boy (4 months) has also been waking for it too lately which drives me bananas! My health nurse said that from 4 months they begin to form habits so perhaps this is a good time for me to get rid of it.
Im having the same problem - but i just dont know if I can get rid of it - its so good to have as in the car my daughter has it as she hates the car!!!

My daughter woke at 4.30 this morning then 6.30am for it!! so only had to get up twice!

Those how arent using dummys and following this book are you having to get up at all during the night???

My daughter is nearly 5months!! its only been the last few weeks that i have had to get up to put her dummy!!

What to do hey????????

Adelaide - pregnant with my 1st

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