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has anyone purchased a grobag or know of someone who has..? i would just like to know if they are as safe as they say and if they are worth the money?
Hi there, I purchased a grobag for ds with a silk inner that is removable and I think it is wonderful. I intend to buy the next size up once he out grows this one.
DS no longer wakes up at 3 or 4 in the morning cold and I do not have to keep worrying about checking to see whether he still has his duvet on of whether it has crept over his face. So yes I think they are definitely worth it, especially because they are in it for at least a year, and I use DSs every night!
Hope that helps.... smile

I used a grobag with my DD from about 8mths to 14mths (now) and found it helped with her sleeping. I tried heaps of other bags and found she was always restless in them and grew out of them too quick.
It was definately worth the money.
The only reason I have stopped using it is I am getting ready to put her into a big bed.

2 y/o DD, and 11 mth old DS

I love my grobags, much better than the ordinary sleeping bag. My bubs was born in Jan so we started with the 0.5 tog, quickly moved into the 1.0 tog and have recently got the 2.5 tog. Possibly could have done without the 0.5 one, only used it 20 times or so.

I love the information re clothing and tempreture and bag weight so I can always get it right.

I love the second set of studs under the arm pits to stop smaller bub's slipping down (not that I had that problem, but think idea is fantastic.

I love it because you can get a side zip which opens it from underarm to oppisite toes, so easy for changing, much better then the front options.

I get mine from a Kids Central / ELC store - normally $70, but one the special offers here, you can get a $10 discount voucher for use in these stores to end April.

I will be going back shortly to get the next size up.

Boy I sound like a walking advert, but now having used them I cuss myself for not bothering first time around.


I bought a 2.5 tog rating grobag for my son and started using it when he was 3 months old, it was the best thing we invested in and def worth the money, my son is now 11 months old but sleeps in a 18-36 month size because we feel he will get alot more use out of it, he cant slip down into it at all, i actually bought this one off ebay, and got it for nearly $30 cheaper than what you would buy in the shops. I just love the fact that I know he is always warm and he has no risk of suffocation.

Nicky, mum of cooper 11months

Grobags rock! I had some for my son (now 3) and am using them again for my daughter (5mnths). I tried a few others with my son but no others were as reliable as Grobag. I got a light weight and heavy weight one which got me throughout the year. I also fine the lighter weight bags good for day time naps. The routine of putting them in their cot and zipping up the bag soon becomes a good bed time ritual.
Hi Nicky. I've heard a few things about the gro bag but don't know anyone that has used one.I have a boy who turns one next month and might invest in one for him as i just can't keep anything on him. I was just wondering what the 2.5 tog rating means? And is there different ratings?
Thanks Peta,Jacobs mum.

jacobs mum

Hi Powder,

Not sure if you got an answer to this question or not, but the 2.5tog rating is basically a weight rating for temp. eg if nursery temp is aroun 16-21 deg use a 2.5 tog, 21-27(I think) use a 1 tog and anything over 27 use a 0.5 tog rating. I live in Brisbane and we just bought the 1 tog sleepoing bags as we have cooling/heating a/c in DDs room. I bought two of the up to 6mnths and 2 of the 6-18 mnths and my DD loves it. SHe used to wake up in the middle of the night with no covers on and would be quite cool, now I have no worries, she is always covered. Piece of mind! YAY!

My son is 15 mths old and loves his gro bag, I tried not to put him in one for the winter, cos i thought he was getting too old for it, but he would not settle, the min i put him back in his gb he was fast asleep! worth every penny, it is the gift i give to every mum and dad when they have a new baby!
Thanks Worrywort.
I have since bought a gro bag and wish i had of got one sooner. My little man has never been a good sleeper but after only a couple of nights of getting used to it he's sleeping all night. i think because he cant throw himself around the cot as much he's not waking himself up. I did get the 1 tog and find it best for him as he is a little hottie. So if anyone is thinking of getting one i would highly recommend it now the cold weather is upon us. Best $65.00 spent.

jacobs mum

I am all for the grobags too. DS has used one since he was 6mth old. He liked to be wrapped for bed, so when he started rolling I invested in one.

IMO it is one of those couldn't live without items when you have a baby. Nothing like not having to worry if they have covers on and whether they are cold or not. Although they are a little more expensive compared to other sleeping bags, but worth the extra $$$ and the peace of mind.
i started slowly with my daughter now 8months at around 4months. Just having 1 sleep a day, then 2 then eventually when ever it would fit into the day when home. Then finally sleep in it at night.
Its fantastic! she has been sleeping so well in it, and i would never go back - it was a god sent.

You can buy them on ebay for much cheaper than a new one. It might be worth a try to buy one on ebay before you buy one new to see if it works. Then buy one new. 2.5tog for this kind of cooler weather we are having. Hot weather 1tog or a .5tog

goodluck with it all -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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