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my dd is 7months old she used to be a really good baby up until a month every time i put her to sleep at night she just screams for about an hour maybe even more and im not sure what it is..shes also waking during the night but if i put her in bed by me she'll go to sleep straight away but if i put her in her cot she'll stay awake and wont go back to sleep unless shes had a bottle..please help its starting to get stressful
i dont know if i can help, but can tell you at this age your baby is getting smart. She knows if she cry's you'll pick her up. You might have to start controlled crying, go in after 5minutes, calm her down by patting, stroking face etc walk out when she is calm. If she starts up again go in at 10minutes later try same things. Keep going with this until she goes to sleep but BE STRICKED on your self, and DONT GIVE IN. they want to play games with you at this stage, she knows the routine - she cries you dont like it so you pick her up, or give her a bottle etc. But dont fall for it. My daughter started doing the same thing about a week ago. I started leaving her there to cry the first night she cried for about 2hours. The 2nd night was only about 1.45hr 3rd night was 1.20hr 4th night was 45mins and 5th night was maybe 15mins. The time dramatically decreased because she started to learn i wasnt going to give in.

Its a nightmare listening to them cry and SCREAM but the sooner you teach the baby that your the boss and you make the rules the BETTER off you will be. Try and distract your self by doing your washing or talking with hubby or cleaning up for the night. go into another room of the house and close the door - its only a few days that you will have to do this, but i find if you distract your self its much easier to cope with.

Goodluck with it
x -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

hi jayde

my DD did the same thing at about 7 months, kept screaming every night when i put her in bed and nothing would settle her, she even kept crying when i picked her up.. i can't stand hearing her cry and don't believe in CC so i tried to settle her as best as i could. anyway, this kept happening every night for about 2 weeks and than 2 teeth popped out! after that everything went back to normal and she is a much happier settled baby. could your dd be teething too?
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