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13 month old wont sleep Rss

im putting this in general, because i really need help today!!! his day sleeps are slightly better than his night sleeps, but still bad.

my DS is having some serious sleep problems ATM.... to give you a background, he is sleeping in our room in a portacot. it's temporary, because the ceiling collapsed in his room. as soon as its fixed, he's back in his cot in his own room. in the meantime, i need help!!!!

he will not go to sleep. he screams so much that he vomits. i've tried putting him down with a bottle of milk.... that worked for 3 days, then we were back to square 1. he just screams and screams. in the end, i either nurse him to sleep, or put him in the pram and take him for a walk.

this wouldnt normally bother me too much, but DP is away on work - 2 weeks away, 1 week home - so its just me. its not safe walking with a baby at midnight, so that option has just been taken away. he's also too heavy for me to nurse for long periods of time - it just kills my back.

so, we need to get him sleeping again.... but how? not only will he not go to sleep, but he wakes anywhere up to 20 times in the night crying for me. i dont know what to do.... im exhausted and need some serious help!!!!

does anybody know anywhere i can ring for some tips, or do you have any miracle cures???


Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

Hi Tan, is he well? That would be the first thing I would check becasue if he has gone from one extreme to another then I would first be ruling out any illness. How long has this been going on for? Naomi
Hi there,

You poor thing. You must be shattered?

Do you think the crying could be teething? Have you tried panadol (that's if it's teething). You could go to doctors and get him checked out, could have middle ear infection or something that is causing pain therefore crying?

Sorry if not much help just didn't want to ignore you. Im sure you'll get heaps of replies, this is a great site for support and suggestions.

good luck.


Sasha & Willum my beautiful kiddies

Hi Tania,

Sorry to hear Daniel isn't sleeping for you. Have you ruled out any illness? That's always my first point of call. Then check for signs of teething, if there's no illness and no teething signs, I take my kids to the chiropractor. That always gets things right.

But on the same token, you're DP is away at the moment, he could be having trouble adjusting to that change in his life (like you are too). Remember, kids react from how we are, so if you're not coping too well, then he's going to be unsettled too.

Is there anyone who can help you? Family or friends? Could you move his normal cot into your room? Could you give him something before bed (like nurofen or panadol) to help settle him?

Sorry, I'm probably not much help, but if all else fails, there is the sleep people in WA, ngala? Is that right? Give them a call, or the parent help line. All the numbers should be in your child health record (blue book).

Goodluck and hope things settle soon.
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