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My son won't sleep unless he's wrapped!!! Lock Rss

I have a 15 week old son who will not go to sleep unless he's wrapped up like a little parcel. While it's not too much of a problem at the moment, I'm worried that's it's a habit he will want to continue until he is much older (I don't think they sell wraps big enough for ten year olds Hahahaha!!!).

I was wondering if anyone else had experience this and what they did to try and get their babies out of the habit.


Mum to Aiden John (born - 1st September 2003)

Hi Dayna,
My eldest son (also Aiden) had to be wrapped too. It was the only way he would sleep. He loved to be wrapped really tightly, then he would sleep for around 4 hours. He did this until he started rolling (around 5.5 months), then he would want to start moving around in the cot and got his arms out of the wrap. Shortly after he kicked his legs out, and I then stopped wrapping. He didn't seem to worry about being wrapped up then. Don't worry, he will grow out of it when he starts moving around more. It must be a thing with "Aiden's." Good luck.

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi there I had twins that were always wrapped up tight as they felt more secure and they grew out of when they were about 6 months old. You can buy thin cotton blankets from a baby section as thats what i did as at first I used cotton nappies. Wrapping them just make them feel more secure as its must feel like they are in your belly still and will grow out of it. Yet my second baby doesn't like to be wrapped he likes his freedom. Don't worry your not alone.

Regards Dianne SA
hi well i have a 7 mth old daughter and i thought the same thing of her when she was little she would not sleep unless she was wrapped up tightly and i always thought i hope she grows out of this she finally let me know when it was time to throw it away and she was 6 mths old when she let me know and now she has a little cuddly rug that she takes to bed so done worry to much he will let you know when it is time.
My son is 9months old and still loves being wrapped to go to bed. Which is fine with us & day care.
Hopefully he will grow out of being wrapped.

Michelle, mum to Corey 14/3/03 - Bankstown

Hi Dayna,

My son is nearly 6mths old, and i couldn't imagine putting him down unless he was! I also wrapped my daughter till she was 6mths! I can't even remember how and why i stopped, it was that uneventful! He will let you know!

As it gets hotter, i will be buying some muslim to wrap my son in!

Best of luck,

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

My daughter is 16 weeks old and is still being wrapped of a night. If she isn't she will wake herself up and cry.

Because she is 'propelling' herself around the cot now though she often kicks it off, and i am starting to worry because she rolls onto her stomach sometimes and can't get back over (she cannot roll from stomach to back yet).

Hopefully, we might try to stop wrapping her soon, it is way too hot for it now anyway.

I think your bub will start kicking his wrap off like my daughter, when he is ready to not be wrapped anymore.

Good luck with it, and have a merry chirstmas with your new son.

Hi Dayna,

My son's name is Aiden as well, he is now 14mths old. He loved to be wrapped firmly when he was first born. Don't worry, when he starts to move around he will won't need to be wrapped. I think i stopped wrapping my Aiden at around 3 months. It was also starting to warm up with summer so it was a good time to try it. He will tell you when he is ready

My bubby, 14 week old Georgia goes to sleep wrapped and during her sleep she wriggles her arms free.

I tried once putting her down unwrapped and her reflexes startled her awake. I think their jerky movements start to cease at around 4mths.
Hi Dayna. A friend of mine also had the same problem which at 8 months of age, her son still wanted to be wrapped. Perhaps over the next week or two trying loosening the wraps slightly for one of his day sleeps. Keep doing this until the wrap is fairly loose then start with the other sleep time. Once he is coping with this do the same for his nighttime sleep. Tuck him in tightly with a sheet at the same time to give him the sensation of being tucked in. We did this when we moved my daughter from the bassinett to her cot and it worked well. Hope this helps.

Cathy with Ryan 3yrs and Nicola 10mths

Don't worry, my son was a wrapped baby till he could wriggle out of it. I thought I would have the same problem too, however by four and a half months he was over it. But if you need bigger wraps try spotlight, lincraft or a material shop and get the wraps cut to a bigger size. I also found using the cot sheets as a wrap have helped. Goodluck, you'll be fine!


Bec NSW 7mth Baby

Hi there,

My 4mth old son hates being wrapped, but unfortunately he can't sleep unless he is wrapped up tightly. He struggles to free himself from the wrap and when he does unwrap himself he doesn't fall asleep happy and content he just ends up crying and crying. I tried putting him to bed today with a cotton sheet tucked around him but again that didn't work he just ended up crying. I have wrapped him up nice and tight this evening and he struggled to free himself free but was unable to so after approx 20 mins of crying and carrying on he fell asleep exhausted. I hate to see him cry and struggle like that but I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?


Mum to toddler

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