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At my wits end!!!!! Lock Rss

Hi, my little girl Ella is 5.5months old, not only does she unwrap herself when i put her to bed (not really a problem, she can fall alseep like this) but of a morning i put her down for her nap and she puts herself to sleep without a drama, a few little winges in protest then she sleeps for 1-1.5hours, but once midday hits she seems to switch to some different baby and fights sleep with every grain of her tiny being, today for example it took me from over an hour and a half to get her to fall asleep, when she did she slept for 30 minutes. I dont understand why she's having such trouble when she puts herself to sleep so well of a morning, i dont do anything differently! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated because she's seriously got me at my wits end, i can see how tired she is but just cant get her to go to sleep.


Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

Belinda, great name you baby has!
Do you wrap her in the afternoon?
As she is unwrapping herself in the morning, she might be telling you in her special way that she doesn't want to be wrapped anymore and this may be making her too hot to go to sleep in the afternoon.
My Ella has never slept anymore than 30 minutes at a time during the day, but I haven't wrapped her since 12 weeks of age as she hated it.
What about playing some soft music in her room as it may take her mind of things and settle her down to sleep also. Good Luck!

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

Hi there,

Yes, I agree gorgeous name! With my Ella (now 7 1/2 months) I have a small routine we do together before she goes to bed during the day so she knows its time for bed. I do the same thing everyday. We have a different one for night time. She goes down really well now. Alos, is your Ella actually tired? The reason I ask is that I know that I can sometimes get stuck into the whole routine thing and then one day Ella goes and changes her routine to sleep less during the day and I miss this and try and put her down at her "usual" time and she protests. I then realise that she can stay up for longer during daytime sleeps. I know that for a 6 month old the "general" rule is 12-14 hours of sleep per 24 hours. Your Ella may not require as much day time sleep now? Good luck let me know how she goes.
P.S. I stopped wrapping my Ella at about the 12 wek mark also.

Rachel, 20mth girl + 1 on the way

I agree with the fact that Ella may not actually be tired. My daughter dropped her midday sleep at 7 months and now has a sleep at around 10am and 4pm.
Hi, thanks for the replies guys!!!!

I do exactly the same things to put her down in the afternoon that i do in the morning, in the mornings she settles fine but not so in the arvos... I tried not wrapping her but she just thought she could have play time in her cot, she didnt settle at all. Also, i know that around this age she might start to want to be awake longer between sleeps so rather than just giving her the hour and a half she was having i've been watching for her tired signs before i try to put her down. I know she can settle herself so maybe rather than giving in and going in with her to put her to sleep i need to be a bit tougher and not give into her??? (going in to pick her up to put her to sleep...)

Any thoughts?

Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

Hi Bel,
I have a 7 month old daughter who has a similar routine, settles well in the morning & not so well for an afternoon nap. I was once told that it is a huge waste of time trying to settle a baby who doesn't want to sleep. I try to make going into the cot a fun thing in the afternoon. If she doesn't settle despite tired signs, I try not to waste too much time. I give her some soft toys to play with, pull down the blinds and let her have some quiet play time which she generally enjoys. Sometimes just playing in this environment is enough to settle her off to sleep. If she doesn't sleep then I get her up after 10 to 15 minutes to play again & she generally settles well when I next put her in the cot after some active play time. I try not to let her cry too much. I have read that babies who are not left to cry for long periods when they are young cry far less often at twelve months than those who are left to cry for longer periods. Hope this makes sense.
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