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I am tired, in pain, and really need help Rss


My son Wade is 8 months old today and for the last few weeks has been getting his top tooth/teeth - he has the bottom 2. So he's been very miserable and in a lot of pain. So I started rocking him again - we were going great with controlled crying until he started standing in his cot. And since he hadn't mastered sitting down from the upright position I had to constantly go in and put him down again and get his dummy up off the floor which he purposely throws. He'd be back up in seconds - so the rocking back to sleep slowly started happening again as I couldn't stand the crying and constant mumums!

Wade has also been having seperation anxiety, he will not play alone, will not let anyone else feed him, put him to bed, or even do his nappy or dress him or even bathe him but me. My poor husband feels aweful. And when he is up, he's always crawling over to hug and kiss me which is wonderful, but I wish he'd want to be with my husband and grandparents too.

I have carpal tunnel syndrome as well as acute tendonitis (from rocking) and am on meds and hope to afford physio soon otherwise I will need an operation. I'm on antidepressants for PND, and also have 2 types of skin rashes covering (and scarring) 2/3 of my body from stress. I've had either a migraine or tension headache since January 1 without 1 days break. My husband has been away a lot due to work and will be away for May and June - and no we are isolated from family and friends up here.

Sorry about the novel!
I'm so tired and physically exhausted as well as in pain from the elbow down and just need help please. How do I get Wade to sleep without rocking as he wont sit in his cot or even play? How do I get him to stop constantly whining for mumum and sticking to me all day (I call him my little limpet)?

QLD, due 20 Aug. 2004

you poor thing! it sounds like things are really hard for you right now.
i called my daughter a limpet as well! she was constantly on me from about 8 months to 9.5 and i was really worn out from it. my poor husband was desperate to help me but she just cried for me all the time. apparently the seperation anxiety peaks around 9 months. ella is much more settled in that respect now at 10 months so it does get better!
with regard to the rocking, my method is far from what experts would reccomend but #1 i use a safeTsleep tummy wrap to keep her from standing up in the cot. (very effective as she used to automatically stand up when she stirred, this helps her to sleep longer) #2 if she does wake and refuses to settle in bed i will take her into the sitting room with me and sit her next to me on the couch. i dont talk to her or stimulate her in any way other than stroking her head from time to time. just read or watch tv until she settles and then put her to bed again before she is fully asleep.
sorry, mine's a novel too!
hope this helps and hope you are feeling better!

mel, ella jasmine 13/06/04 & benjamin tyler 6/8/06

jeeses... u poorrrrrr thing i wish i was there to give u a hug.. i thought mine was bad.. how do they get so bloody smart and naughty and why couldn't they just be a good baby its so unfare to think after 18 hours of pain and screaming then strech marks and stiches it gets better. i was so looking forward to her growing up but now am terrified but i think you should get some help i know thoes nurses and thoes places so helpless and they dont understand your inner feelings but i think you should get them to help coz you deserve so help and a break and a GOOD vacation.
good luck dear. rounak

Rounak,Melb,5 months baby girl

My son was doing this at about 5 & 1/2, when he started rolling, I was up & down rolling him back and putting the dummy in. I just wrapped him again, he soon got the message I was boss, He hated it but, it worked.
When I had my daughter, I had PND and was on morphine due to acute pancreantitis, has 4 operations in 8 months and my daughter was 2 months premature so I was making lots of trips back and forth to hospital. One thing i really noticed was when i was having a bad day chloe was more clingy, they can sense your stress and anxiety, so bring in someone to help you, go for a walk, have a bath or just go out for lunch without bubs, because YOU NEED A REST. Hope this helps, sending you big hugs ( ) smile

2 cuties 7/5/99 & 8/9/04

Hi gasp)

Thankyou so much for responding I really appreciate it. Well my husband brought home a whole heap of kids videos and it is giving me a little time to enjoy a coffee and do some house work gasp) I've also changed the set up of the loung so that Wade can use more funiture to pull himself up on without breaking ornaments etc. Still there is the problem of drawers.

I guess I was just so tired yesterday, the house was a mess, then I dropped a glass and Wade was overtired too. He's so loving and gorgeous I truly enjoy my time with him, what I find hard is rushing to eat, go to the loo, and the pain in my arm when rocking him. I am going to try the controlled crying or some version of it after we get a dummy holder thing that I can clip to his singlet. As the problem of him going to sleep in his cot doesn't work when he purposely drops his dummy over the edge and then cries for it.

And the seperation anxiet is getting worse, yesterday arvo Wade completely ignored his dad, even with toys or any other incentive, wouldn't even hug or kiss him or look at him much gasp(

Anyway feeling better today *Thankyou all* youy are such caring sweeties!

QLD, due 20 Aug. 2004

My son also had a terrible time getting his two top teeth - if I put him down he'd cry, if I carried him he'd grizzle & he just wanted me. Fortunately he would settle and sleep in his pushchair so we'd go for 4 walks a day, although this was exhausting at least he was quiet!
A pedeatrician put my son on 500mg of Efamol (Evening Primrose Oil which is an essential fatty acid) for a month which really settled his stomach/digestion (he's always been a windy baby). We're now teething again but life is a breeze in comparison.
Hope this helps.
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