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Any suggestions on how to stop bub from rolling over in cot? Lock Rss


Does anybody have any suggestions as to what i could do to try to stop Maddisyn from rolling over in her cot, she rolls over but hasnt worked out exactly how to roll back and gets stuck and sometimes her little legs and arms get caught in the bars of the cot.

This morning when i went in she was lying across the width of her cot with her legs pushed up on one side and her head against the other side, im just really worried she might hurt herself.

I used to use a anti roll pillow but she has out grown this and i have tried rolling up a couple of nappies but that doesnt work either and now i want to get a safe t sleep sleepwrap as i feel this might be the only option left, but i would really appreciate some advice on what i could maybe do in the mean time.

Sherrie and baby Maddisyn 09/09/04
hi there maddismummy i had the same with krystal allways doing this and waking me up i dont know how many times druing the night to put her back to where she was ment to be i think the hardest aswell for me was seing her poor little legs hanging out of the cot and stuck between the bars so what i ended up doing was putting a sheet over it and saftey pinning it on the out side so she couldnt get them and it stoped her legs going out of the cot but i find that she still sometimes gets a bit jammed across the cot i hoped this has helped a wee bit :)take care hope you find some more advice!!

katrina and krystal 3 in june

Hi there Kats,

Thankyou so much for responding and sharing your idea.

Of a night time she hasn't been too bad, although she diffenetly moves around, but today has been the worse so far in that when i put her in her cot she just rolls over on her tummy and gets stuck and because she is tired she then begins to get over tired, so Maddisyn hasn't had alot of sleep today and is a little cranky.

I resorted to putting her in our bed with pillows surrounding her but i have stayed in with her to ease my mind that she doesn't go rolling over in there.

I have now got on the computer to make a order for a safe t sleep so at least i can set my mind at ease, it was one thing i wanted to buy when i was pregnant but never got around to it, i only hope now that the order can reach me in the post by the end of the week!

Its a good suggestion you gave, not one that i had thought about so i will definatly try it in the mean time.
Thanks again.
Sherrie and baby Maddisyn 09/09/04
Hi there sherrie, I used rolled up towels on either side of my little boy, who would not sleep on his back like the nurses wanted. It seemed to work. Just an idea.

Karen, Brisbane mum of 3 1/2

Hi there,

The day that Riley started to roll and have his limbs through the bars was the day that I changed to a soft sided cot. I have found it to be really good, as he can also look through a fine mesh instead of bars. smile

Linda - mum to Riley 13.04.04 (#2 Due 29.12.05)

Isabella had the same problem and I purchased the safeTsleep wrap and have never looked back!
Its excellent and definatley recommed it to anyone.

Good luck...

nsw...5 1/2 month old boy....4yr old girl

My favourite sleeping position is when she wiggles her way all the way up to the top corner of the cot and gets her head stuck. Let them roll. As long as they have the ability to roll both forward and backward with ease then what can you do. think of it as great photo oportunities. Trust me if they get stuck or are uncomfortable they will cry or wake up. I know its abit freaky with SIDS and now the weather is cooling down making sure they keep warm. We roll, they roll. Just do extra checks on her if possible it makes me more relaxed to go and check on her and yes I do it every sleep still after almost nine months and can't see myself stopping any time soon.


hi akina-nicole,

Thanks for your suggestion, Maddisyn would roll over and everytime she did this she would cry because she would get stuck because she couldnt roll back, this meant that she couldnt sleep and would become over tired and more cranky as i would be going in the room moving her again.

I've now fixed the problem by buying a safety sleep wrap and she sleeps alot better and i am more at ease.

Thanks again for your post.
Sherrie and baby Maddisyn 09/09/04
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