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Difficulty falling asleep Lock Rss

My 10 month old has just begun crying everytime I put her down to sleep, especially at night. Before this she fell asleep quietly and with a little cackle when I placed her into her cot, but now, she cries and cries and cries until she exhaustedly drifts off to sleep - sleeping through the night. This difficulty falling asleep begun a week ago with the arrival of the hot weather. We have a good bedtime routine. She is crawling all around her cot and she falls asleep squashed in a corner. Any ideas about what I can do to help her fall asleep easier? Thanks


Try the control crying like mentioned in your other post. At 10 months they also apparently go through another bit of separation anxiety with their mum. My daughter, Madison, can be crying each time I put her back down, but if my hubby or dad do it she stops and goes to sleep - also squashed up in a corner!!
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