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My baby girl xanthi is teething and had satrted wakin in the night and i am at wits end wat to do i am a single mom and am so tired since she is waking in the night any advoice
Hi momof2girls. The one right all us mums and dad have is SLEEP. Its terrible when your sleep is interupted. Its a form of torture I am sure. When my son does this my Dr advised a plan. 1. use bonjela. My son has a dummy so I (in the dark) put some bonjela on this and give this to him. If not you can just apply straight to the gums. 2. The other thing is said is to give nurofen ( not too sure how old you little one is but you need to be over 6 months of age for that one). He said not to give too much attention and be to the point of giving the medicine, put them back to bed, soothe them and leave them alone. The problem is the baby learns very quick that when they cry they get attention and cuddles so that is why you dont give too much. He said that provided we have given them something for the pain that is all we can really do for them. Sounds simple but when you have a screaming baby at 2.00am in the morning that idea can go right out the window. I have read in these posts that rubbing lemon juice on the gum does help it cut the tooth and I have also read about teething powder. I am not too sure where you get this but I have only read good things about it. A friend of my is from Ireland and she said that is what they use over there and she swears by it. I hope things settle down for you very soon. You just go crazy without sleep.
You can also get some mouth spray from the chemist call teeth-med which worked well for my son.
You can get nurofen for bubs under 6 months actually. For a more natural approach you can use Brauers Teething relief (i like it smile )
Hope she settles soon. Might just have to ride it out.
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